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Company Information & Market Research 

Core Resources

  • EMIS specialises in emerging markets. It includes 9,000 local news sources, private/public company data, industry reports from global and local providers and complex analytical tools to monitor, screen and analyse trends, risks, and forecasts. Features reports from Euromonitor, Mintel, BMI, Economist Intelligence Unit, Marketline, S&P, Oxford Economics and D&B.
    • Companies: 1.3 million private and public emerging market company profiles
    • Industries: EMIS covers 225 different industries throughout the emerging markets
    • Countries: Data covers 157 emerging markets
    • M&A: over 80,000 M&A deals along with proprietary research, valuations and forecast
  • Hoover's Online: provided by Dunn and Bradstreet, this is a user-friendly source of information on 88 million companies from more than 220 countries. It offers financial and executive details plus a description of activities and competitors of public, private, and government-run enterprises. Interactive graphs and charts allow users to quickly view and understand company trends and compare with competitors. It includes up to 10 years of historical financials and downloadable Family Trees. 
  • IBISWorld: provides access to over 400 current reports on UK industries.
    • Industry Research Reports – 25 page reports containing key statistics, forecasts, supply chain information, performance and outlook analysis, industry structure, products and markets, competitive landscape, operating strengths and weaknesses and analysis of external drivers.
    • iExpert Summaries – 6 page snapshots condensing the integral elements from the industry reports into bite-sized paragraphs, graphics and tables.
    • Risk Ratings Reports – 15 page reports covering the risk that the industry is facing over the next 18 months. Includes an assessment of the operating conditions (industry structure, revenue outlook and key drivers) for companies in the industry.
    • Archive Industry Reports – Industry Research Reports dating back up to 7 years.
  • Marketline: world wide industry reports, news & analysis, country profiles & PESTLE analyses, company profiles & SWOT Analyses, global mergers & acquisitions, and market valuations
  • Mintel: marketing intelligence database analysing market sizes & trends: also monitors & forecasts consumer behaviour/market developments
  • Nexis: Full text news and company database featuring profiles of 46 million global companies and 3 million UK companies. Sources include Hoover's Company Profiles, Worldscope International Company Profiles, ICC literature and Nelson's Company Research Reports. It includes UK national newspapers and trade press, plus hundreds of newspapers and magazines published worldwide. A full-text archive of the Financial Times is available from 1982. 
  • OSIRIS: note online guide provided by Bureau van Dijk. OSIRIS contains international coverage of banks, listed companies & insurance companies: standardised financial accounts (30 years coverage), balance sheets, cash flow/income statements, directors, ratios, mergers & acquisitions, ownership, company ratings and stock data - ideal for cross-border searching, peer & statistical comparison/analyses & time series searching. Video: Finding a company report, financials & peer report (3 min 46 sec).
  • Passport (formerly GMID)
    PDF User guide
    • Consumer and service markets: detailed reports across 80 countries.
    • Countries: profiles (demographic, economic, political) and country briefings (risk and vulnerability reports)
    • Companies: profiles, market share and brand share rankings.
    • Lifestyle statistics: reports on 76 countries detailing consumer habits and lifestyles.
    • Updated analysis: daily industry and country news.
    • Statistics: international macro-economic and demographic data.
    • The ‘Industrial’ section provides a 360 degree view of every industry in the world’s 18 largest economies. 
    • VideoDifferent methods of data discovery (5 min 54 sec) 
  • Statista
    • A Google-like search tool for market research and statistics with facts and figures easily displayed in charts and graphs
    • Access to 1 million statistics - ready to use in PPT, XLS and PNG formats
    • PowerPoint dossiers on 3000 of the most searched-for topics such as online gaming, e-commerce, car sharing and organic food markets
    • Revenue forecasts on 42 countries and 400 industries covering 2015 to 2020
    • Industry reports (USA-focused) including SWOT analyses and forecasts
    • Video guide (4 min 36 sec)

Specialist Resources

  • AnnualReports.com: provides free access to a large collection of annual reports for US companies. You are able to look for a company either by name, ticker symbol, sector, industry, exchange, or index. 
  • Company Histories: A-Z of company histories: international coverage