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Psychology databases

Find the most relevant references across thousands of journal titles, conference proceedings and more using the following databases. Each online resource does not cover every type of literature, so you must use more than one resource for a comprehensive literature review.

Core databases

  • APA PsycNET - searches across PsycINFO (articles, books & dissertations), PsycEXTRA (grey literature), PsycTESTS (tests and measures) and PsycARTICLES / PDF guide / tutorials
  • PubMed - free version of Medline which indexes journal articles for medicine, nursing, the health care system and preclinical sciences - PDF guide / tutorials: Part 1 & Part 2.

Additional databases

  • ACM Digital Library - electronic journals and proceedings of the ACM. Coverage includes Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • AgeInfo - now available via Social Policy and Practice
  • Cochrane Library - systematic reviews, critical assessments of reviews & controlled trials register - guide
  • Community Care Inform databases: Adults / Children - two databases providing information about social care/policy regarding children, young persons, families and adults - contains expert-written, practice-related information: topic guides, case studies, articles & guidance to key legislation   
  • Embase - health biomedicine - guides & video tutorials  
  • Google Scholar: searches scholarly literature from a variety of disciplines.  Sources include articles, books and theses.  Off-campus users: you can access a greater number of articles via Google Scholar (GS) by either, connecting to GS through the library website, or clicking on 'Settings' within GS (then set your 'library links' to 'University of Bath')
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) - database covering social science books and journals - guide / video
  • MIT CogNet - searchable collection of cognitive science material, including books, journals, reference works, conference proceedings and videos/lectures
  • PILOTS - electronic index to literature on PTSD and other mental health consequences of exposure to traumatic events
  • Sage Research Methods - articles, case studies, ebooks & videos on the subject of research methodologies (quantitative, qualitative and mixed), literature reviews & data analysis  
  • ScienceDirect - database containing scientific and medical journals and books. You will be able to view the complete text of a journal article if the Library has a subscription
  • Scopus - the world’s largest abstracts and citations database of peer-reviewed journals and patents.  It searches across the health, life, physical and social sciences, engineering and humanities.  PDF guide / training videos.  SCOPUS can also be used to track authors and analyse journal performance.  Journal metrics guide.   
  • Social Policy and Practice: simultaneously searches databases including AgeInfo, ChildData and Social Care Online: a large proportion of its references relate to grey literature e.g. reports, legislation, local/national government documents, organisations, policies, press coverage and service user knowledge - the focus is on applied research & practice
  • Web of Science Core Collection - search for on a wide variety of topics - PDF guide / viewing results