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Digimap Registration Advice

This service, provided by EDINA, allows you to view and create maps of any location in Great Britain, using Ordnance Survey mapping data. You can also download Ordnance Survey map data to use in other software packages, such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), drawing software and CAD.

You will need your Computing Services username and password to logon to Digimap, and need to register with the service the first time you use it.

You need to register individually for Digimap, and MUST NOT share your username and password with anyone else. Sharing your username and password would be a breach of University regulations, and our Digimap licence.

Connecting to Digimap new users

  • Connecting to Digimap is now a simpler two step process. Log in to Digimap using you Computing Services username and password then 1) complete the registration web form with your details, including your preferred email address and finally 2) verify your password by email and accept the license terms.
  • Registration guide - select the Access option from the left hand menu and click Registration for step-by-step guidance.