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Who is this information for?

This information is for University of Bath higher degree candidates, i.e. research postgraduates including those completing a MPhil, PhD, DBA, EdD, EngD, DHealth, DClinPsy, MS or MD.

Information for taught postgraduates can be found on the Library’s eDissertations page.

What is required?

The University regulations require you to provide both a hard-bound copy and an electronic copy of your final corrected thesis to be retained and made available by the University Library.

Detailed guidance on the presentation of your thesis is given in the Specification for Higher Degree Theses and Portfolios document.  The specifications cover general presentation; essential elements of the title page; binding; electronic file formats etc.

After your viva, but before the Board of Studies (Doctoral) meeting that will approve your award, you should:

  1. Upload an electronic copy of your thesis to the University’s research information system Pure.  See page 2 of the HD3 form for step-by-step instruction.
  2. Fill in the HD3 form Higher Degree Thesis Final Submission After Examination form.
  3. Hand in a hard-bound copy of your thesis along with your completed HD3 form to your Doctoral College.

Your Doctoral College will certify that your degree has been awarded and will forward your thesis to the Library.  

What will happen to your thesis?

The hard-bound copy of your thesis will be kept in the University of Bath Library where it can be referred to by members of the University and its visitors.

The electronic copy of your thesis will be made publicly available on the internet via the University of Bath institutional repository and library catalogue.

The British Library may make your electronic thesis publicly available from their electronic theses database EThos.

Your e-thesis: opportunities and challenges

As the electronic copy of your thesis will be freely available online, it will be accessible to everyone, not just members of the University of Bath. This is a great opportunity and we hope this wide exposure will enhance your prospects for collaboration and sponsorship and heighten the impact of your research in your field of study. However, making your thesis publicly available online also brings challenges. It is extremely important that you carefully consider:

But there are also challenges to making your thesis publicly available online. It is extremely important that you carefully consider:


Restricting public availability of your thesis

If there are reasons why your thesis should not be publicly available straight away, you can ask the Board of Studies (Doctoral) to approve a restriction on your thesis. Please discuss this with your supervisor and apply for a restriction at the earliest possible stage – don’t wait until you’re about to submit! Board of Studies (Doctoral) approved restrictions apply to both the hard-bound and electronic copy of your thesis. Neither will be made available by the library until after the agreed released date.

You can also ask for a one year restriction on the online availability of your electronic thesis; for example, if you have publications pending. This does not require Board of Studies (Doctoral) approval. There is a section on the HD3 form to request this. Please note that this only applies to the electronic copy; the hard-bound copy of your thesis will still be available in the university library.

If you have any concerns about your thesis being publicly available online, please contact Library's open access team:

Publishing your thesis with ProQuest

The Library is working with academic publisher ProQuest to give you the option of publishing your higher degree thesis with ProQuest. Please contact us to find out more.