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Alumni and Visitors/External Library Membership

Applying for External or Alumni membership

You should review the information on the Getting a Library Card for Alumni or Visitor/External members to learn how to join the Library and obtain a membership card.  An annual membership fee may be required.

What privileges does Library membership provide?


Guide to Research Information for free

This Research Information for free guide lists some unrestricted resources on the internet. Although much of this information is free, not all of it is. You may be able to purchase articles of interest via your local Public Library.

Wireless Access on Campus

Visitors to the University should choose WiFi Guest when connecting their device to Wi-Fi.   WiFi Guest will connect your device to The Cloud, hosted by Sky.   If you have an account with The Cloud it will connect automatically, otherwise you will need to create an account using your email address and a password.

If you have used The Cloud before now, please note that this is the same service with a different name in your list of networks.