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Student views

Since day one, the MBA Careers Office provided me with personalised advice to develop a plan to meet my career aspirations. I received in-depth preparation on how to tackle any job application and prepare an effective CV according to my objectives; as well as practical feedback to enhance my personal impact. During the MBA we had a wide range of career development tools, such as mock interviews, one-to-one and networking sessions. Not only has this allowed me to feel confident to find a job in Europe, but also to be successful in building a professional network.

Miguel Diaz - full time MBA student

The career service is highly professional, relevant, friendly, flexible and above all pragmatic. I wholeheartedly recommend them to MBA students at whatever stage of their career. I derived enormous value from the service.

Tim Chater - Executive MBA student

The MBA Career Service provided me with very helpful information and assistance on CV writing, assessment centers and interview preparation through various one on one sessions and workshops. They gave excellent guidance and made a great effort in sourcing many different MBA project opportunities.

Jens Heckenmueller - full time MBA student


MBA Projects

I received a "360 degree" support from the University's career department to prepare my CV, interviews and sort my MBA project. I consider that the University staff made an excellent job in providing us with many MBA projects opportunities with global companies. After this preparation, I found myself much more confident in applying for positions within Europe.

Javier Bespalko - full time MBA student 08/09


MBA Projects

One of the key aims throughout the Bath MBA was to take full advantage of the dedicated career service to assist me in planning a new professional direction. Through numerous one-on-one sessions, I was able to develop a clear career strategy and personal marketing plan. This included a complete overhaul of my CV to appeal to the segment I was targeting. Without doubt, the detailed, personal and enormously patient coaching has enabled me to match my unique selling points with what potential employers are looking for.

Nick Beazley - full time MBA student


MBA Projects

I’ve had a wonderful year doing the MBA program at the University of Bath. Aside from the education which was par excellence, the support services at the University proved to be very useful for a newcomer like myself. The careers office run under the MBA program proved to be particularly helpful, especially in advising me on how to prepare the right kind of resume, covering letters, etc. It also encouraged students like me to interact closely with counselors & professors at special events organized by the office. It was due to this networking that I was successful in securing a project with Rolls-Royce, with the help of a professor who introduced me to a guest lecturer from the company. In my opinion, networking is an ongoing activity that requires patience, focus & clarity of thought & I am thankful to the Careers Office for providing me with a stepping stone towards this new opportunity in my career.

Tushar Mudgal - full time MBA student


MBA Projects

The MBA careers office has provided me with guidance and excellent support. I found their networking events very fruitful as it has given me more understanding how important networking is. Networking has become a powerful tool for me and it has proved that talking to different people increased my chance to find the right project. Networking is all about effective communication, sharing ideas and also hearing how other people understand your ideas.

Beata Cosgrove - full time MBA student


MBA Projects

The career coaching offered a personal approach which has really helped focus and define my career trajectory. The coach's ability to hone and develop my personal selling points has enabled me to overhaul my CV and has given me a great deal more confidence to tackle the job market.

Chris Howe - full time MBA student


MBA Projects

I have found the workshop to be very worthwhile. It was clear and positive, an introduction to the challenges of career interviews, with feedback received right after the session, so that one can make changes and attempt for a better performance right away. The improvement is quite noticeable. The workshop was very helpful as it brought to my attention aspects of interviews that I had previously overlooked. Thank you for all your hard work, helping students with their careers.

Vladimir Afaunov - full time MBA student 08/09


MBA Projects

"I found the Career Leader self assessment tool very useful. One of my reasons for embarking on the MBA was to consider changing industry.

The Career Leader tool really helped me to focus on my skills and the aspects of work I enjoy. In the end the tool helped me to decide that I do want to continue building my career in the my current industry, but it has given me the confidence that I have looked at the other options and my decision is sound."

Alastair Sewell - full time MBA student


MBA Projects

As a sponsored MBA student I didn't really see the careers function as relevant to me but engaged out of curiosity to see what was going on. Before the MBA I'd never really thought about what I wanted from my career, what the options were and whether or not my goals and my organisation aligned. I've chosen to return to the organisation I came from, not because it's the easy option, but because its values, benefits and the opportunities on offer match what I want to do at this point in my life.

The MBA careers service, together with the online resources available, have given me the clarity of thought required to select the jobs I want, the insight to value and compare what is on offer, and the confidence to shape the suggested role to meet my own aspirations."

Philippa Harvey - full time MBA student