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As a top UK business school our academics are leaders in their fields. See below for a summary of the interests of our Accounting and Finance faculty:

David Bence

Dr David Bence

Director of Studies: BSc Accounting and Finance, Senior Teaching Fellow

I am interested in the interplay between financial reporting and finance e.g. how hedge accounting affects firm valuation. My main research interests are financial reporting theory and equity valuation methods.My research publications cover financial statement analysis, financial accounting theory, accounting education and the transfer of knowledge between industry and academia.

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Ian Tonks

Professor Ian Tonks

Professor of Finance

My research focuses on pension economics; fund manager performance; directors’ trading; market microstructure; and the new issue market. I have published in leading finance and economics journals, and teaches across all areas of financial economics including asset pricing, corporate finance, market efficiency and performance measurement.

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Professor Ania Zalewska

Professor Ania Zalewska

Professor of Finance

My research topics include: corporate finance - privatisation; valuation and performance of initial public offerings; modelling and estimation of market risk. Corporate governance - managerial incentives; capital and ownership structure; regulation.

Emerging markets- development; integration; and efficiency. Pension funds - impact of pension reforms on the development of financial markets; pension reforms in transition economies.

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Mike Adams

Professor Michael Adams

Professor in Strategic Risk Management

Mike Adams is Professor of Strategic Risk Management and Director of the Research Centre in Strategic Risk at the University of Bath. Formerly he held academic positions at the Universities of Swansea, Glasgow, and Massey (New Zealand), and professional accountancy positions in the private and public sectors. He has published papers in over 60 academic journals and is thrice winner of the Geneva Association/Shin Foundation Research Excellence Award. Professor Adams has also raised research funds of over £300,000 from public and private sector sources since 2008.

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Dr Philip Cooper

Dr Philip Cooper

Senior Lecturer in Financial Accounting

My research is concerned with environmental valuation and accounting. I am interested in extended perspectives on the accounting entity, considering aggregates such as economic sectors and countries, as well as the corporate entity and its component activities. I am currently investigating the measurement of social and economic forces that contribute to particular pressures on the marine environment, and how these can be used in scenario analysis, as part of a pan-European EC Framework VI project.

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Dr Richard Fairchild

Dr Richard Fairchild

Lecturer in Strategic Corporate Finance

My research focuses on two major areas: Behavioural Corporate Finance and Venture Capital. I am particularly interested in developing new game-theoretic approaches to understanding the financing, investment and dividend decisions of corporations, and the double-sided incentive problems facing venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

I have published in a range of finance journals, including Journal of Financial Research, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Managerial Finance, and Journal of Business Ethics. Last year, I was involved in launching a new Global Journal; the International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance, for which I am the editor-in-chief. I am associate member of the Aston Centre for Research in Experimental Finance (ACREF), and one of the founding members of the newly formed Behavioural Finance Working Group, which involves research collaboration between international scholars in behavioural finance.

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Margaret Joan Greenwood

Margaret Greenwood

Lecturer in Accounting

The main theme of my research is the applicability of private sector models of governance, accountability and financial reporting in a public sector setting. My focus is the acute hospital sector which, because of the unique characteristics of the NHS setting and the co-existence of both public and private sector organisational forms, offers the potential for research findings to be of relevance in both the wider public and private sector environments.

Research topics include; accruals quality, auditor type and achievement of performance targets; board composition, CEO pay, gender and organisational performance; the impact of performance management systems on financial performance and accountability; the model of the reporting entity; earnings management, financial reporting quality, and governance.

Prize: John Perrin Prize, Financial Accountability and Management, Best Paper 2007

Secretary: British Accounting Association, Public Sector Special Interest Group.

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Mike Willis

Mike Willis

Teaching Fellow, Director of Studies, MSc in Accounting and Finance Courses

My research interests include the limitations and opportunities of working capital management with emphasis on trade credit; namely the neglect and lack of focus thereon, and the resultant impact on performance, liquidity, balance sheet structure and valuation of the organisation.

Other areas of interest are the integrational limitations when undertaking corporate activity, the impacts of firm valuation post corporate actions and the real value creation anomaly.

MSc in Accounting and Finance Courses

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