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Fast Facts

  • Number of placements: two
  • Duration: six months each
Average placement salary*:
  • Placement one: £17,000
  • Placement two: £21,000

*(per annum, pro rata)

Placements have really helped me with my future career because I've been able to come out of university and find a job so quickly.

Jack Hayes BBA Graduate now working at A.S Watson Group following his placement.

Our BSc Business Administration programme has one of the best placement schemes in the country allowing you to undertake two six-month placements, each one in a different company.

Our placements:

Mike has demonstrated outstanding levels of enthusiasm and energy whilst at L'Oreal. He is willing to take on whatever is asked with energy and drive. He has made an invaluable contribution during his time at L'Oreal working on a range of important and challenging projects with great diligence and enthusiasm!

Hal Kimber - Head of CRM and Internet, L'Oréal

The two positions can be in two completely different fields of work, allowing you to get a feel for different types of jobs - helping you decide what direction to take your future career in.

First placement

The first placement lasts six months and takes place in the first semester of Year 2. It introduces you to the operations and management of organisations.

You can either be based in one function or department, where you will take on a specific role or work on a project. Or the placement can involve short periods in several departments, allowing you to gain a broad overview of the organisation.

Second placement

Some of our students are blogging about their experiences.

You can read their stories here.

The second placement lasts six months and takes place in the second semester of Year 3. This placement is more likely to be linked to the specialised studies that you have chosen to pursue from Year 2 onwards and the business sector and job you choose is likely to relate closely to your future career aspirations.

In general, the work tends to be of a more responsible nature and will frequently be of the same type and level as that expected of graduate trainees. Project work is likely to provide a framework for this placement. It is possible to study overseas during your second placement, however these opportunities are very limited and places are highly competitive.

What job could I be doing?

Employment six months after the course - Key Information Set

A wide range of jobs are available in a variety of sectors. You could be working as:

We have links with over 300 companies and have placement opportunities in large, medium and small organisations, including public sector bodies and charities. Here are some of the more well-known organisations which are participating in our placements scheme.

When you've finished university and you're competing for jobs with other graduates, the experience from the placements is definitely going to make you stand out.
Ben Prichard

Find out what Ben says about his Placement experience at Nomura


Further information on placements

For students

While you will be supported by a dedicated Placement team, we cannot guarantee that a particular placement will be available or that you will be able to earn a particular salary. Applications for placements can be very competitive, and you must satisfy the requirements of each employer's selection process.

For employers

If you are looking to recruit students through our placements scheme, please visit our Business Connections pages for further information.