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Final Year Project: solve a real business problem and boost your employability

If you study BSc Business Administration with us, you'll take part in the Final Year Project (FYP). This in-depth research project allows you to bring together the skills and experience you will gain from the course and your placements to solve a real business problem.

Standing out in a competitive job market is vital for graduates. The FYP lets you develop and practise the transferable skills employers look for.

Why FYP is a great opportunity for you

As well as putting what you will learn on the course to use on a real project, you'll have the chance to develop and demonstrate abilities like:

81% of BSc Business Administration graduates are in full-time work or study within six months of graduating. Those employed earn an average annual salary of £28,000.

How your FYP works

The FYP lets you tackle a real business issue for a real organisation and make a genuine impact. Ideas and suggestions from FYP teams are often used by the companies involved.

You will work in a group to carry out the task.

Acting as advisors, you'll work with the organisation and make recommendations to solve their problem.

During your FYP you will:

Projects vary, but you could work on a piece of research on a new market opportunity, a comparative study of best practice or a study of customer perceptions.

The FYP makes up 20% of your final year mark and consists of:

Most of the time you'll also present your findings to the organisation. This depends on how you agree to share your findings with them.

Real organisations for a real project

We work with lots of organisations to make sure FYPs are exciting, challenging and relevant.

Multinational companies, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations are all involved in the FYP scheme. You'll be working on an up-to-date and relevant business issue.

Examples of recent organisations our students have worked with include:

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Action on Addiction
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Novum Law
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Royal Mail
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We cannot guarantee you'll be able to work with an organisation for your FYP. If you can't, you will be able to do a non-sponsored project (without a company's direct involvement). This follows the same format.

Past projects