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Improve your employability with a professional placement

All our undergraduate courses offer professional placement opportunities. Placements let you put your undergraduate studies into action in a real job. Most pay a real salary.

On a successful placement you'll improve your transferable skills and learn about a particular industry or business type. Employers often look for workplace experience, and many make graduate offers to students as a direct result of placements.

In 2016/17 we placed students with over 300 companies of all sizes and across all business sectors. Around 90% of our current students are doing a placement, gaining valuable experience and increasing their employability.

You can work in the UK or abroad during your placement.

Placements are not guaranteed, but our dedicated Placements Team will do everything they can to support you through the process.

The placement advantage

There are many benefits to the placement option. Professional placements are:

How placements work on our courses

All of our BSc courses offer placement opportunities.

Our undergraduate courses

Course Length of placement Placement period
BSc Business Two six-month placements, one during Year Two and the second in Year Three. Placements can be with two different companies. Placement one - Summer to Jan/Feb
Placement two - Jan/Feb to Summer
BSc in Accounting & Finance A 12-month placement in Year Three of the four-year course. Summer to Summer 
BSc in International Management
& Modern Languages
Placement in Year Three of the four-year course.
  • placement-only option: at least nine months with a company in another country.
  • year abroad option: an academic year studying at one of our partner business schools in France, Spain, Germany, Latin America or Canada
  • a combination: one semester studying and one semester working
Summer to Summer
BSc in Management A 12-month placement in Year Three of the four-year course. Summer to Summer
BSc in Management with Marketing A 12-month placement in Year Three of the four-year course. Placements must be in a marketing role. Summer to Summer
BSc in International Management Placement in Year Three of the four-year course. Placements can be with an
international company for at least six months or, or you can study at one of our partner
business schools. You can also choose a combination of studying and working.
Summer to Summer

Increase your employability

We are in the top ten universities that Britain's top graduate employers target. Our professional placements scheme is one reason for this. We work hard to help you gain an advantage in a competitive job market.

A professional placement can help you improve key skills such as:

The skills you learn on placement will help you stand out to employers.

Making contacts and networking are other valuable benefits of doing a placement. Many students are offered a graduate position as a result of their placement.

BSc Business Administration student Tom Murray discusses his experience of the course and his
professional placement with the BMW Group.

Placing you with the right company

We work with a wide range of over 300 companies. Many of these work exclusively with us, only employing Bath placement students.

We have strong connections with some of the world's leading business names. We'll help you:

Some current placement employers include:

Consultancy/professional services

PwC logo
Accenture logo
Deloitte Logo
EY logo

FMCGs and retail

AS Watson logo
AS Watson Group
L'Oréal logo
Unilever logo
GSK logo

Finance and banking

Goldman Sachs logo
Goldman Sachs
HSBC logo
JP Morgan logo
JP Morgan
BNY Mellon logo
BNY Mellon

Telecommunication, energy, technology, oil and gas

Virgin Media logo
Virgin Media
Vodafone logo
IBM logo
BP logo

SMEs, start-ups, creative agencies, marketing and PR

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HelloFresh logo
Rocket Internet logo
Rocket Internet
Analog Folk logo
Analog Folk

We also work with organisations who offer unpaid or voluntary placements. You could work in a hospital, charitable organisation or academic institution.

Earn and learn

Most placements pay a salary, although we can't guarantee you will get one. In 2018 our average placement salaries were:

If you're an international student you will be able to do a paid placement if you have a Tier 4 student visa.

How we help you

We have over 40 years' experience placing students with the right companies.

Our Placements Team are committed to helping every student through the whole placement process. We help you with training, workshops and finding placements through our Professional Development Programme (PDP).

PDP is incorporated into your timetable and includes help with:

PDP sessions are run by the Placements Team, the University's careers network and placement employers.

We also help to make sure placements are relevant for your intended career.

We will support you throughout your placement. We'll keep in regular contact and visit all UK-based students where possible.