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Work or study in another country for a year as part of your degree

Our BSc in International Management and BSc in International Management and Modern Languages (IMML) courses include a year in another country. The Year Abroad consists of:

These options allow you to develop your skills in new environments.

Your Year Abroad gives you the chance to:

Our international courses

You'll go abroad in Year Three of your course. We have two degrees that offer a Year Abroad.

Language specialism
Professional placement option
International Academic Exchange option
Placement and
International Academic Exchange combination option
Language you'll study or work in
BSc International Management No Yes Yes Yes English
BSc International Management and Modern Languages (IMML) French, German or Spanish Yes Yes Yes French,
or Spanish

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BSc International Management

Our BSc in International Management course will teach you about key business functions in a global context. You'll learn about marketing, finance, operations and much more.

Read more about the BSc in International Management.

For your Year Abroad you'll have the opportunity to work, study or combine the two options in many countries across different continents. Some recent examples of where students have worked and studied include:

You'll work or study in English for your International Academic Exchange.

Simran Dhillon spent her Year Abroad studying at the Singapore Management University, which she described as one of the 'best decisions' of her life. Read more about her experiences.

BSc International Management and Modern Languages with French, Spanish or German

Our disctinctive BSc in International Management and Modern Languages (IMML) course also includes the Year Abroad. You will learn about key business functions in a global context while improving your Spanish, French or German skills. We run this degree with the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies. You'll benefit from the expertise of two leading departments.

You can boost your business and language skills by working or studying in:

Your choice of country will depend on your chosen language.

Isabel Ashdown, now a HR specialist at BMW Group, worked in Germany during her Year Abroad. Read about her experiences and how they helped get her career started.

Read more about:

Your Year Abroad, your choice

You can go on a placement, an International Academic Exchange or combine the two, giving you flexibility during your Year Abroad.


A placement gives you the chance to work in a professional environment. You will spend at least nine months with a company based outside of the UK, but you can stay for up to 12 months.

Placements are an opportunity to use skills learnt during your studies and gain the sort of valuable experience employers often look for.

Many of our placement students earn a salary. Although most placements pay a wage we cannot guarantee this.

There will be competition from other students for placements, so they are not guaranteed. But, our Placements Team will give you support, advice and guidance.

All placements and salaries are subject to visa/work permit rules. We can't guarantee you a specific placement in a specific country, but our Placements Team will help you at every stage.

Where you could work

We work with a broad range of organisations. We are a preferred partner for many placement employers, giving Bath students valuable opportunities.

Examples of recent placement employers include:

International Management

International Management and Modern Languages (Spanish)

International Management and Modern Languages (German)

International Management and Modern Languages (French)

International Management students will work in English-speaking companies. IMML students will work in their chosen language.

Read more about our professional placements.

International Academic Exchange

An International Academic Exchange lets you study in a new environment.

UK students who have studied abroad are more likely to achieve a First or 2:1 and have a higher salary when they graduate.

During an International Academic Exchange you will:

We have links with top business schools in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, South Africa and South America. Read more about our partner business schools.

International Management students will study in English. IMML students will study in countries that use their chosen language.


With a combination you can go on a placement and an International Academic Exchange.

You'll spend a semester studying at one of our partner business schools and do a six-month professional placement. This lets you enjoy two very different experiences.

International Management students will work for or study in an English-speaking company or business school. IMML students will work for or study in a company of business school that uses their chosen language.

Further information

Placements outside of the UK are subject to individual countries' visa and/or work permit requirements. Students who don't qualify for either normally go on International Academic Exchange.