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CRI (Centre for the study of Regulated Industries) 1990-2010


PLEASE NOTE: This is an archived site. The centre or project it refers to is no longer active and these pages are provided for dissemination/historical purposes only.

A research centre of the University of Bath School of Management until 2010, Director Peter Vass, and Chairman of the CRI Advisory Committee, Professor Ralph Turvey. For more information on how CRI started and the context for its publications please download the history pdf (43 KB)


The CRI was formally established in 1991 by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) and transferred to the University of Bath School of Management in 1998. Peter Vass left CIPFA to join the University’s School of Management in 1990 and ran the CRI for the twenty years until it ended as an operational Centre in 2010. Many of our publications are available to be downloaded, and others can be accessed if required at the University of Bath’s Library.

CRI publications list 

A full CRI Publications and Information List (March 2010) - pdf (363 KB).

The University library holds a collection of around 230 CRI publications. Find out more and view the collection.

The CRI publications list which follows provides a real opportunity to see how debate has developed over the years, or specific issues have been dealt with or can be analysed. The publications are ordered within the relevant publication series as follows (figures in brackets are to illustrate the number of publications in the series of more general interest from when the particular series was started):

Regulatory Reviews: 1993–2006/2007 (10)
Collections Series: governance, water, energy, transport and communications (8)
Regulatory Briefs
Industry Briefs
Occasional Lectures: 1996-2009 (22)
Occasional Papers
Discussion papers
International Series
Research reports: 1994-2008 (20)
Technical Papers
Conference and Seminar Proceedings (32)
Statistical Series: water, electricity

The authors in the publications list show clearly how the CRI was able to engage academics and practitioners, including regulators, government departments and their agencies, in an on-going debate. It is interesting to note that the first of the ‘Director Generals’ as independent economic regulators were well known academics or senior members of the Government Economic Service: Sir Bryan Carsberg at Oftel, Professor Stephen Littlechild at Offer, and Sir Ian Byatt at Ofwat. The academic list of contributors is very authoritative, including Professors Sir Christopher Foster, Martin Cave, Stephen Glaister, Ralph Turvey, David Newbury, Paul Grout, David Parker and John Vickers in the economic field. Professors Cosmo Graham, Richard Whish, Stephen Wilks and Judith Rees reflect the legal, political, social and consumer focus. Parliament is also included with Lord Norton, Michael Jack MP and Kim Howells MP. The National Audit Office was both a strong supporter and contributor, as was the Environment Agency with its chairman, Sir John Harman.

Given that some publications are not available to download, the University of Bath library has a full set of CRI publications, all published by the University of Bath. There is a ‘visitors page’ which explains access procedures. On arrival the library catalogue will give the location of the publication.

Final points

Although the CRI has ended as an operating research centre, the University does of course have other centres and academic staff who are working in areas which complement the work of the CRI, and will be continuing in the future, as will debate and analysis on the role and practice of the regulatory state. The University website sets out all of its centres and activities, but to mention just two. The university has formed an Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment (I-SEE). The School of Management has recently formed a Centre for Governance and Regulation (CGR). Statistical information on water, energy, transport, and communications is particularly available from the relevant regulatory body, including the CAA for airports data. However, airports statistics was the one series that CRI had continued with until it ended in 2010 (the 2008/2009 edition). Another organisation which intends to develop its statistical series on airports and associated bench marks is Jacobs Consultancy.

To finish, it is important to say that the CRI could not have achieved what it did, and the publication legacy it leaves, without the support of its Advisory Committee and financial sponsors from across government departments and agencies, to regulators and the regulated companies, and to the support of those who attended and contributed to its events and the discussions, from academics, regulators, companies, policy commentators and the civil service. Their support has left a small CRI fund at the end which can be used on occasion to support some activities which reflect the work that CRI did and its spirit, whether that is a particular student project, other PhD research, or a forum for debate on regulation and the regulatory state. Dr Rob Branston, Deputy Director of CGR and lecturer in business economics in the School of Management has taken on the responsibility for this matter

Peter Vass
March 2010