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Regulatory reviews

The Review rounds up recent developments in regulatory matters. It includes chapters for each industry and a commentary on the major regulatory policy issues. Cross-industry thematic chapters and international perspectives are also included.

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 2006/2007 - pdf (4MB) 10th Anniversary Edition 1857901622-

Airports regulation - Michael Toms, Oxera and formerly BAA
Communications regulation  - Prof Martin Cave and Matthew Corkery, Warwick Business School
Educational qualifications regulation - Isabel Nisbet & Alan Greig, QCA
Energy regulation - Maxine Frerk, Ofgem
Food standards regulation - Dame Deirdre Hutton, Food Standards Agency
Pensions Regulation - Tony Hobman, The Pensions Regulator
Postal services regulation - Richard Moriarty and Sophie Colman, Postcomm
Rail regulation - Paul Plummer, Network Rail
Social care regulation - Rodney Brooke, General Social Care Council
Water regulation - John Smith, Consultant


Achieving better regulation: the role of the Better Regulation Commission - Penelope Rowlatt, BRC
The decentred regulatory state? - Professor Julia Black, London School of Economics
Select committees and parliamentary effectiveness over the regulatory state - Professor the Lord Norton of Louth, University of Hull
The National Audit Office’s audit programme - Ed Humpherson, National Audit Office
Social issues in energy and water - Professor Cosmo Graham, University of Leicester
Accountability and multi-level governance on UK regulation - Professor Stephen Wilks and Professor Bruce Doern, University of Exeter
Regulators in the European Union: regulating the regulators - Professor Leigh Hancher, Allen & Overy
Appeals to the Competition Appeal Tribunal under the Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002 - Professor Richard Whish, King’s College London
Financeability - Keith Mason, Ofwat
Railways, finance and integrated policy - Professor Stephen Glaister, Imperial College London
Sustainability and government policy - Neil Witney, Defra
Independent Director Generals 1984-2006 - a golden age? - Peter Vass, Director, CRI

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 2004/2005 - pdf 1857901460

Airports regulation - David Starkie, Economics Plus
Electricity regulation - Professor Ralph Turvey, CRI
Gas regulation - Graham Shuttleworth & David Hough, NERA
Postal services regulation - Paul Dudley, Royal Mail
Rail regulation - Hugh Aldous, RSM Robson Rhodes
Communications regulation - Peter Strickland, BT
Water regulation - Philip Fletcher, Ofwat


Can we (should we) regulate ‘cultures of consumption’? - Tim Jackson, University of Surrey
Promoting compliance in the 21st century - Jim Gray, Chris Howes and Rosie Clark, Environment Agency
The place of appeals in regulation - continuity and change - Tony Prosser, University of Bristol
Accountability in the ‘regulatory state’ revisited - Peter Vass, CRI
Corporate governance as self-regulation: the Combined Code in practice - Tim Rayner, United Utilities
Reforming the railways: a response to the 2004 White Paper - Sir Christopher Foster and Chris Castles
Regulatory impact assessments - a new European governance - Claudio M Radaelli, University of Exeter
Regulatory reform in developing countries - is ‘best practice’ transferable? - Martin Minogue, University of Manchester
Competition policy and practice under the Enterprise Act - Paul Geroski, Competition Commission
Regulation of municipal waste disposal -Professor Ralph Turvey, CRI

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 2002/2003 - pdf 1857901142

Airports regulation - Professor Ralph Turvey, CRI & LBS Regulation Initiative
Electricity regulation - Professor Richard Green and Stephen Trotter, University of Hull
Gas regulation - Chris Bolt, PPP Arbiter and Tim Davis, National Grid Transco
Postal services regulation - Roger Louth and Tasneem Azad, Postcomm
Rail regulation - John Smith, formerly Railtrack
Communications regulation - Alan Bell, Oftel
Water regulation - Robert Weeden, Water UK


Better regulation: impact assessments and external review - John Ashcroft
The London Underground arbiter - effective public utility regulation? - Professor Stephen Glaister, Imperial College
Auctions and trading in energy markets – an economic analysis - Professor David Newbery and Tanga McDaniel, University of Cambridge
Enduring lessons of California’s electricity crisis - Carl Danner, Wilk & Associates
Revising the European Community’s internal energy market - Professor Leigh Hancher, University of Tilburg and Allen & Overy
Glas Cymru - harnessing the fundamentals of water service delivery- Nigel Annett, Chris Jones, Glas Cymru and Jeremy Liesner, Adviser
Reducing risks, protecting people: decision-making on the basis of risk - Timothy Walker and Laurence Golob, Health and Safety Executive
The regulatory framework - continuity or reform? - Peter Vass, University of Bath

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 2000/2001 Millennium Edition - pdf 1857900839

Introduction - Professor Ralph Turvey
Airports and airspace regulation - Douglas Andrew, CAA
Electricity regulation – Professor Stephen Littlechild
Gas regulation - Lin Fitzgerald, Warwick Business School & Professor Catherine Waddams Price, University of East Anglia
Postal regulation - Ian Reay, Post Office
Rail regulation - Paul Plummer, Office of the Rail Regulator
Telecommunications regulation - Mike Fox, BT
Water regulation - Sir Ian Byatt


Better regulation: principles & practice - Mark Courtney, Regulatory Impact Unit
The politics of regulation - Professor Stephen Wilks, University of Exeter
The changing role of the Competition Commission - Professor Cosmo Graham, University of Leicester
Consumer representation: changing policies & institutions - Rodney Brooke
Efficiency studies: their role & their reliability - Professor Tom Weyman-Jones, University of Loughborough
Access pricing: the economic and financial interface - Peter Vass, University of Bath
Investors & corporate restructuring - a ‘city’ view, Simon Hawkins, UBS Warburg
UK ‘incentive’ regulation: international best practice? - Brian Williamson, NERA
The role of social policy in energy regulation - Gill Owen, PUAF
Environmental sustainability & market instruments - Ronan Palmer, Environment Agency
Liberated by Brussels: cross-border electricity markets in Ireland, Douglas McIldoon, OFREG
Regulating public ownership: the water industry in Scotland - Alan Sutherland, Water Commissioner for Scotland, and Eric Goodwyn, Advisor

Note: The illustrative examples in the Access Pricing chapter are further extended in 11 appendices covering ‘tilted’ depreciation, summary definitions of LRAC, LRIC and LRMC, ‘decrements’, the consistency of LRMC with LRIC, costing peak demand etc, comparative examples of either a large initial endowment of capacity (or resources) or rising unit costs, a worked example of Ramsey Pricing, the integration of long run costs with the ‘periodic’ review,  the ‘time-profiles’ of marginal cost and ‘cost-profiles’ with falling demand - a comparison.

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 1998/1999 1857900545

Airport regulation 1997-98 – David Starkie, Economics-Plus Limited
The electricity industry 1997-98 - Graham Shuttleworth, National Economic Research  Associates
The gas industry 1997-98 – David Green, Combined Heat and Power Association
The postal sector 1997-1998 - Andrew Forbes, Royal Mail and Frank Rodriguez, Post Office
Rail regulation 1997-98 – John Smith, Railtrack
Telecommunications regulation 1997-98 - David Souter, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
Water regulation 1997-98 – Keith Harris, Wessex Water


Accounting for regulation – Peter Vass, University of Bath
Liberalisation and regulation of public services in France - Nicolas Curien, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers and Professor Claude Henry, Ecole Polytechnique
Regulatory reforms in the utility sector in Australia - Chris Finn, University of Adelaide
Corporate accountability and governance - John Williams, Centre for Tomorrow’s Company
Environmental regulation - Richard Streeter, Environment Agency
Value for money and money for value - Jim Marshall, National Audit Office
Consumer representation and consumer advocacy - Norman Bancroft and Cedric Sandford, OFWAT

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 1997 0852998384

Sectoral reviews by Bill Baker (Water), Tom Bass (Airports), Chris Bolt (Rail), Nigel Shaw (Gas), Peter Strickland (Telecommunications), Bob Westlake (Electricity)


Regulatory responses to MMC decisions - Professor Cosmo Graham
The cost of capital and asset valuation - Professor Paul Grout
Experiences and trends in utility regulation: developing and transforming economies - Ilka Lewington   
Utilities policy and the European Union - Professor Jacques Pelkmans
Regulatory space and institutional reform: the case of telecommunications - Colin Scott, Clare Hall and Professor Christopher Hood.
The methodology for resetting X - Peter Vass
Environmental regulation - Professor Albert Weale

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 1996 085299737X

Sectoral reviews by Eileen Marshall (Gas), Professor David Newbery (Electricity), John Blakemore and Frank Rodriguez (Post), Stuart Condie (Airports),  Robert Weeden (Water), Tom Winsor (Rail), John Wright (Telecommunications).


Consumer bodies: practice and performance - Professor Cosmo
Graham Utilities policy and the European Union - Professor Leigh Hancher The regulated utilities: an overview of the MMC’s reports in 1995 - Derek Morris
Private participation in developing countries’ infrastructure
– Klaus Tilmes
Corporate governance and management under regulation
- Professor Catherine Waddams Price
Profit sharing and incentive regulation - Peter Vass

Peter Vass Regulatory Review 1995 0852996888

Sectoral reviews by Alan Bell (Telecommunications), Stephen Glaister (Rail), Ian Jones & Carole Willis (Airports), David Lascelles (Electricity), John Smith (Water), Peter Spring (Gas).


Regulatory developments in the USA: an overview - Professor Sanford Berg
Yardstick competition in the UK regulatory processes - Philip Burns
Utilities policy and the European Union: an overview - Christian Egenhofer
Pay and employment trends in the UK regulated industries - Chris Trinder
Consumer representation:integration or independence? - Peter Vass
Regulatory processes and the law - Professor Richard Whish

Peter Vass & Tony Gillard Regulatory Review 1994 0852996268

Sectoral reviews by, Richard Boon & Jeanne Golay (Post), Professor Martin Cave (Telecommunications), Barbara Cooper (Electricity), Judith Rees (Water), Christopher Nash (Rail), Richard Sharp & Mike Toms (Airports), Jonathan Stern, (Gas).


Quality of service and customer focus -Tony Gilland
City perspective - Utilities in the UK - Nigel Hawkins
European developments - an overview - Luigi Prosperetti Industry structure and network access charges - Catherine Price
Accountability of regulators - Peter Vass

Peter Vass & Tony Gillard Regulatory Review 1993 0852995733

Edited by Peter Vass and Tony Gilland

Sectoral reviews by Tony Gilland (Telecommunications), Francis McGowan (Electricity), Cliff Paice (Airports), Catherine Price (Gas), Peter Vass (Water)