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Fees and scholarships

Tuition fees for 2019 entry

Year Fee
One and two £20,000 (£10,000 a year)
Three to eight £2,000 a year

Tuition fees cover all:

You can pay your fees in one or two installments each year. In total, the course will cost between £22,000 and £32,000. This depends on how long it takes you to complete the course.

The entire degree programme will take at least three years. Typically, students graduate within six years.

Please note: You should budget for a yearly fee increase of up to 5%. Fees will never increase by more than this each year. We will publish details of the following year's fees in December.

If you defer your entry you will pay the fees for the year you start the course. Read more about our tuition fees.

Additional costs

As well as the tuition fees, you may need to pay extra costs for your course. These can cover things like:


You can apply for a scholarship to support your studies.

You'll need to submit a 500 word statement. A panel of faculty members will consider your application based on:

You must submit your scholarship application by 24 September 2019.

Download our scholarship application form pdf icon.

You must complete the scholarship form and upload it with your DBA application.