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Leading effective team performance... building effective relationships in business.


Participants will have the unique experience of taking part in a multi-media simulation of the ill-fated Columbia Space mission, which created complex leadership and inter-personal issues after developing a problem during launch. You will gain valuable insights from the programme leader, Dr Trevor Long, who discussed the case during a visit to NASA in Houston.

During the course participants will explore their own approaches and ways to cope more effectively with all aspects of working with others, especially under pressure. They will explore different perspectives on complex decision making, and how this can add significant value to you and your organisation. This includes more effective leadership, communication skills and relationship management; how to manage different stakeholder views; developing clear rationale in decision making; being more assertive; and challenging assumptions and resolving differences.

Who should attend?

In every organisation building effective relationships is crucial. Focusing on key professional relationship skills, this course is for you if you are at or aspiring towards, a middle to senior role. This programme is not sector specific as we believe bringing together participants from a diverse range of backgrounds creates a rich learning experience.


Central to the programme is a multi-media simulation of the Columbia Space Shuttle mission. The simulation will track day-by-day issues and decisions as the mission unfolds from launch.

Working in teams to analyse the case, each participant will be assigned the role of one of the key NASA managers or engineers. With a combination of team working and plenary discussion, key principles and applications associated with productive relationships will unfold as the workshop progresses.

A multi-media based case, with written, graphical, audio and video details, resulting in active engagement by participants in the events, decision-making processes and actions taken at the time. Participants analyse information from the actual mission, including e-mails and space agency documents.

This programme demonstrates the importance of effective relationships in day-to-day management dynamics and on longer term strategic issues. Requiring a high level of engagement, this provides a forum for participants to reflect on their own decision-making style and its consequences.

The case is flexible and can be tailored to address specific relationship issues of most value to participants.


How will I benefit?

Following the course, participants will have

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Enhanced insights into people and problem-solving dynamics
  • Challenged existing mind-sets and assumptions
  • Greater confidence to manage challenging and complex situations
  • Developed broader strategic thinking
  • Advanced leadership, team working and inter-personal skills

How will my organisation benefit?

  • Greater productivity through effectively challenging existing norms.
  • Greater collaboration across organisational boundaries.
  • A clear approach to decision making in complex circumstances.
  • A more integrated approach to support organisational strategy
  • Less wasted effort through enhanced critical thinking capabilities.

Dr Trevor Long

Dr Trevor Long

Dr Trevor Long has 35 years' experience in management consultancy and education. After embarking on an MBA programme he became an independent management consultant and educator. Over the last 25 years he has had extensive experience working with a wide variety of organisations, including HMRC, BBC, IBM and The British Army and in countries, including the USA, Caribbean, South Africa, New Zealand and across Europe. Focusing primarily on organisational strategy, people development, leadership and the dynamics of change. Trevor's doctoral research built on his interests in organisational effectiveness, with a particular passion for helping organisations and individuals to develop positive people engagement and relationships for effective business performance.

Professor Jens Roehrich

Professor Jens Roehrich

Professor Jens Roehrich is Associate Professor in Operations and Supply Management and Director of the Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS). Jens has worked in Austria, Germany, South Africa and the USA. He has carried out research, consultancy, executive education and competence development activities with a wide range of public and private sector organisations such as Arup, Maersk, Augusta Westland, Carillion, GKN, NHS PASA and Veolia.



2-day programme, £1,200


2017 dates to be confirmed


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