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The Entrepreneurial Journey:
Crossing the Valley of Death


To become more entrepreneurial, organisations need to generate, develop, and support a range of new venture projects. For this, established structures and approaches to evaluation, selection, and resource allocation are not fit for purpose with their emphasis on hard financial metrics. The 'valley of death' thus looms large - it separates speculative ideas from viable business opportunities. Crossing the valley calls for different ways of thinking, acting, and organising.

In this two-day programme, you will explore and deploy key principles to enable, support, and sustain entrepreneurship within your organisation. In particular, the programme will focus on:

  • Approaching new venture initiatives in terms of flexibility, affordability, design, and learning
  • Developing a milestone-driven funding strategy
  • Developing strategic context for entrepreneurship in terms of structures and incentives

Who should attend?

The course is designed for middle or top managers, marketing and research and development professionals in organisations seeking to develop entrepreneurial initiatives.


What does the course cover?

The course is delivered over two days and organized around the following topics, each blending the latest thinking with peer discussion and practical exercises:

Day 1 (Behaviour)

  • The nature, logic and dynamics of the entrepreneurial process
  • Key principles of an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Business model design

Day 2 (Context)

  • Uncertainty and valuation
  • The logic of venture capital
  • Enabling entrepreneurship within a corporate environment



How will I benefit?

This course provides the reflective, experiential space to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and action principles. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the entrepreneurial process.
  • Engage with the key principles for navigating the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Share your experiences with senior practitioners and leading academics.
  • Develop entrepreneurial solutions for your organisation.

How will my organisation benefit?

People with entrepreneurial mindsets can thrive only in a matching context. Through this course, your organisation will develop solutions for structuring and managing entrepreneurial initiatives. The ultimate goal is to design an entrepreneurial ecosystem in which ideas, money, and people can flow freely, creating a stable flow of entrepreneurial initiatives and a reliable pipeline of promising ventures.

The programme is led by

Professor Dimo Dimov

Dimo Dimov is Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Associate Dean Finance and Planning. Dimo has been recognised recently as one of the 100 top professors of entrepreneurship worldwide.

Dimo holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from London Business School and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University (USA) and the CEU Graduate School of Business (Hungary). Prior to joining the University of Bath, he was on the faculty at Newcastle University, University of Connecticut (USA), and IE Business School (Spain). Prior to entering academia, he was a CFO with Marriott International, overseeing two hospitality businesses in Budapest, Hungary with 500 employees and £20m turnover. 

Dimo's research focuses on enabling, accelerating, and funding the entrepreneurial process, from initial idea to viable venture, in independent, corporate, and social settings. Dimo approaches entrepreneurship as a process of designing a new social structure to fulfil a purpose and develops action principles for dealing with the uncertainty and complexity of this endeavour. 


2-day programme: £1,200


2017 dates TBC


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