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Dr Alan Butt Philip

Dr Alan Butt Philip

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Job Title:

Honorary Reader in European Integration


Strategic and International Management

Key Research Interests:

Business/Economics Planning/Policy, European Economic Integration, Industry

Research Interests

What does a single European market imply for the European business environment and the institutions of the European Union? What is the role of lobbying in the EU decision-making process and how can the process of European integration achieve greater democratic legitimacy? How can the rules that govern the EU marketplace be implemented more consistently? Who gains and who loses from European integration? My work seeks to explore these issues through institutional and policy studies, and thus to throw light on the nature of European Union decision-making at supranational, national and sub-national levels.


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Butt Philip, A. 2006. John Stuart Mill and Modern Liberalism.John Stuart Mill Institute external website, London.

Butt Philip, A. 2005. Reforming the European Union. John Stuart Mill Institute external website, London.

Other Outputs

Fornes, G. & Butt-Philip, A. 2014. Chinese outward investments to emerging markets: evidence from Latin America. European Business Review, 26(6): 494-513.

Butt Philip, A. 2002. The Coordination of Budgetary Policy in the Context of the Stability and Growth Pact. In P. de Pitta e Cunha and M. Porto (Eds.), O Euro E O Mundo: 37–44. Coimbra, Portugal: Almeida.

Butt Philip, A. 2002. Devolution in the United Kingdom: the EU Dimension. In S. Henig Modernising Britain: 199-209. London: Federal Trust.

Butt Philip, A. 2002. The development of Liberalism and the Liberal Party in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Another case of British exceptionalism? In P. Nemo and J. Petitot (Eds.), Histoire du liberalisme en Europe. Presses Universitaires de France.