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Professor Dimitrios Gounopoulos

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Job Title:

Professor in Accounting and Finance


Accounting, Finance and Law

Key Research Interests:

Initial Public Offerings

Research Interests

Initial Public Offerings, Earnings Management, Executive Compensation, Board Structures, Investment Banking, Corporate Governance, Behavioural Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Structure, Credit Ratings, SEOs, Foreign Exchange (ForEx), Real Estate Finance, Financial Debt Crises, Bond Issues, Pension Funds, Forecasting.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising PhD students - please contact me if you have a proposal that fits my research interests.


Leading Refereed Journal Papers (since 2014)

Gounopoulos, D., Hang, P., Forthcoming. Specialist CEOs and IPO Survival, Journal of Corporate Finance

Gounopoulos, D., Thomadakis, S., Nounis, C., and Riginos, M., 2017. Innovation and Upheaval: Early Growth in the Greek Capital Market: Listings and IPOs from 1880 to WWII in ASE Economic History Review 70 (3): 859-892

Gounopoulos, D., Drobetz, W., Merika, A., Merikas, A., 2017. Determinants of Management Earnings Forecasts: The Case of Global Shipping IPOs European Financial Management 9999: 1-4

Gounopoulos, D., Kallias, K., Kallias, A., Tzeremes, P., 2017. Political money contributions of US IPO firms, Journal of Corporate Finance Vol 43: 19-38

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Gounopoulos, D., Boubaker, D., Nguen, D., Paltalidis, N., 2017 Assessing the effects of unconventional monetary policy and low interest rates on pension fund risk incentives, Journal of Banking Finance 77: 35-52

Gounopoulos, D., Boubaker, S., Kallias, K., Kallias, A., 2017. Management earnings forecast and IPO performance: Evidence of a regime change, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 48 (4):1083-1121

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