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Dr Henrietta Sherwin

Henrietta Sherwin

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Job Title:

Research Associate


Strategy & Organisation

Key Research Interests:

Innovation and entrepreneurship; social enterprise; governance; social influence; social marketing; evaluation and impact methodologies; action research; circular economy; sustainable transport systems.

Research Interests

Current research is the investigation of the motivation of social entrepreneurs and the challenges they face balancing financial sustainability with social purpose and the effectiveness of training and mentoring provided by the European Social Enterprise and Innovation Programme (SEIP). This interest in enterprise and innovation is informed by practice - the setting up of a social enterprise as part of an action research project with Great Western Trains, Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire Council, the University of the West of England and Hourbike - and the creation of a company, Greenmiles Ltd.

My approach is interdisciplinary, most recently as a member of the Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) at the University of the West of England. CTS researchers put transport into its wider social and cultural context rather than the more traditional engineering and infrastructure focus. My key areas of research were policy and practice around the promotion of more sustainable transport options and the integration of land use and transport planning. In parallel to this research I've participated in a number of not for profit organisations, particularly the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) as a member of their national policy committee.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Sherwin, H., Chatterjee, K., and Jain, J. 2014. An exploration of the importance of social influence in the decision to start bicycling in England. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 68. pp. 32-45.

Chatterjee, K., Sherwin, H. and Jain, J. 2013. Triggers for changes in cycling: The role of life events and modifications to the external environment. Journal of Transport Geography, 30. pp. 183-193.

Chatterjee, K., Sherwin, H., Jain, J., Christensen, J. and Marsh, S. 2013. A conceptual model to explain turning points in travel behaviour: Application to bicycle use. Transportation Research Record, 2322 (2012/1). pp. 82-90.

Sherwin, H., Parkhurst, G., Robbins, D and Walker, I. 2011. Practices and motivations of travellers making railway cycle trips. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Transport, 164 (3). pp. 189-197.

Other Outputs

Parkhurst, G., Kemp, R., Dijk, M. and Sherwin, H. 2012. Intermodel personal mobility: A niche caught between two regimes. In: Geels, F., Kemp, R., Dudley, G and Lyons, G., eds. Automobility in Transition?: A Socio-Technical Analysis of Sustainable Transport.

Christensen, J., Chatterjee, K., Marsh, S., Sherwin, H. and Jain, J. 2012. Evaluation of the cycling city and towns programme: Qualitative research with residents. Project Report. Department for Transport.

Sherwin, H. and Bartle, C. 2012. Evaluating cycle mapping styles. Project Report. University of the West of England, Bristol City Council.

Sherwin, H. and Parkhurst, G. 2009. Who chooses to bike-rail integrate? Lessons for rail and cycle policy. In: Proceedings of the 41st Universities Transport Study Group Conference, London, UK.

Sherwin, H. 2008. Travel planning at railway stations: An examination of the potential for bike-rail integration. In: Proceedings of the 40th Universities Transport Study Group conference, Southampton, UK.