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Dr Iain Davies

Iain Davies



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BSc, PhD, PGCert

Job Title:

Senior Lecturer in Marketing


Marketing, Business and Society

Key research interests:

Marketing Ethics, Social Enterprise, Key Account Management and Sales

Research Interests

Iain lectures, consults and researches in Marketing Ethics, Social Enterprise, Key Account Management and Sales. He previously led research for the KAM Best Practice Club at Cranfield School of Management, and has a PhD in Business Ethics from Nottingham University. Iain is widely published particularly in fair trade where he has had most downloaded papers in Business History, Journal of Business Ethics and Business Ethics: A European Review. He has also won multiple best paper in conference awards. Prior to his academic career Iain held a number of posts in B2B Marketing including as a Strategic Consultant with Accenture, a Legal Policy Advisor in the Banking Sector for HMCE and working in sales and marketing in the fair trade industry. He specialises in coaching Business-to-Business Marketing - particularly Account Management and Sales Performance - and Marketing Ethics - focused on Social Entrepreneurship and Ethical Brand Management.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in PhD applications related to Social or Sustainable Enterprises, Marketing Ethics and Business-to-Business Marketing.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Davies, I, & Torrents, A. 2017. Overcoming Institutional Voids in Subsistence Marketplaces: A Zimbabwean Case. Journal of Macromarketing, In-Press.

Lundblad., & Davies, I. A. 2016. The values and motivations behind sustainable fashion consumption. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 15:2, 149-162.

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Davies, I. 2009. Alliances and networks: creating success in the UK fair trade market. Journal of Business Ethics, 86(1): 109-126, DOI: 10.1007/s10551-008-9762-8.

► older publications

Wilson, H., Daniel, E. & Davies, I. 2008. The diffusion of E-commerce in UK SME. Journal of Marketing Management, 24(5-6): 489-516, DOI: 10.1362/026725708X325968.

Davies, I. 2007. The eras and participants of fair trade: an industry structure/stakeholder perspective of growth of the fair trade industry. Corporate Governance, 7(4): 455-470, DOI: 10.1108/14720700710820533.

Davies, I. & Crane, A. 2003. Ethical decision-making in fair trade companies. Journal of Business Ethics, 45(1/2): 79-92, DOI: 10.1023/A:1024124629399.

Other Outputs

Doherty, B., Davies, I. A., Knox, S. 2012. Cafédirect: The Marketing Evolution and Market Penetration for Fair Trade Products. In D. Collins (Eds.), Business Ethics: How to Design and Manage Ethical Organizations: 523-534. Wiley.

Striet, C-M., Davies, I. A. 2012. Sustainability isn't sexy: An exploratory study into luxury fashion". In A. L. Torres and M. A. Gardetti (Eds.), Sustainable Fashion and Textiles. Sheffield, U.K.: Greenleaf Publishing.

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Davies, I. A., Ryals, L., Ward, R. & Fitzhugh, K. 2010. Improving the Sales Force: Linking sales meeting success to sales success, (2nd ed.). Cranfield University Press: Cranfield.

Ryals, L., Davies, I. A. & Woodburn, D. 2009. “Make the transition from Sales to KAM” Winning Edge – June 2009.

Ryals, L & Davies, I. A. 2009. “Investigating your sales force behaviours” Winning Edge – April 2009.

► older publications

Davies I. A. 2008. “Why Engineers make Great Key Account Managers” ASME Journal February 2008.

Davies I. A., Ryals L., Ward. R. & Fitzhugh K. 2008. Improving the Sales Force: Linking sales meeting success to sales success. Cranfield University Press: Cranfield.