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Dr Joanna Syrda

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MA, MSc, PhD

Job Title:

Lecturer in Business Economics


Marketing, Business and Society

Key Research Interests:

Industrial Organisation, Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics

Research Interests

Her research agenda focuses on (a) differentiated goods markets, and in that setting market structure, outcomes, and resulting policy implication, (b) search, social learning, herd behaviour and reputation concerns, and (c) marriage market and family dynamics.
In the differentiated goods markets of particular interest are entertainment industries; how multiproduct firms under non-price competition allocate advertising spending across a set of heterogeneous products and how optimal allocation under increasing market concentration is driving (skewed) product market shares distribution.


Other Outputs

Syrda, J. 2015. Economics of Music Chart Toppers: Market Size, Market Concentration and Product Variety. Working Paper.

Syrda, J. 2015. Divorce and Differential BMI: Till Death or Unfitness Do Us Part? Working Paper.