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Dr Jonathan Raelin

Dr Jonathan Raelin

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Job Title:

Lecturer in Organization Studies


Organisation Studies

Key Research Interests:

Resistance to change, stakeholder management theory, emotions in organizations

Research Interests

I received my Ph.D. in organizational development and change with a secondary in applied research methods and statistics at George Washington University working under Professor James Bailey, Ph.D. I have spent my career primarily researching resistance to change and the myriad of antecedents to the construct. I have recently published a book using latent growth models to study the impact that affect had as a precursor to resistance to change. Building off of this work, I have been involved in several other empirical studies involving the impact that emotional presence, information power, and personality have on resistance to change. On a theoretical level, I have also been researching the impact that stakeholder involvement, institutional emotions, and personal loss have on resistance to change.

I have also been published in Action Learning: Research and Practice, the Academy of Management Review, Business Officer, the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, and the Journal of Management Inquiry. He has presented work at the Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society, the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, the British Academy of Management, the Eastern Academy of Management,and the Society for Organizational Learning. I have also worked as a change consultant with a number of higher education institutions in the United States. Finally, I am an editorial board member of the Academy of Management Learning and Education where I received a best reviewer award in 2010.


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Raelin JD (2008) Resistance to change: Can an underlying affective structure provide explanatory evidence? Germany: VDM Verlag.

Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Bailey J, Ford C & Raelin JD (2009) Philosophical ties that bind practice:The case of creativity. Journal of Management Inquiry, 18(1):27-38. DOI: 10.1177/1056492608318151

Cataldo CG, Raelin JD & Lambert M (2009) Reinvigorating the Struggling Organization: The Unification of Schein’s Oeuvre into a Diagnostic Model.Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. 45(1):122-140. DOI:10.1177/0021886308328849

► older publications

Raelin JD (2007) Book Review of The Laws of Emotion – Nico H. Frijda. Academy of Management Review, 32(3): 995-996.

Raelin JA & Raelin JD (2006) Developmental action learning: Toward collaborative change. Action Learning: Research and Practice, 3(1):45-67

Raelin JD, DiChiara P & Raelin JA (2004) Committed to collective leadership. Business Officer, 37(12):32-38.

Raelin JD with members of the Boston Consortium for Higher Education (2004) Stimulating ‘leaderful’ change in a senior management network.The Systems Thinker. 15(1):8-10.

Other Outputs

Kayes, D.C., & Raelin, J.D. (2006). Goal-setting theory. In J. Bailey & S. Clegg (Eds.), International Encyclopaedia of Organization Studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

McGowan, R.A. & Raelin, J.D. (2001). The casino industry. In R. A. McGowan, Government and the transformation of the gaming industry. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.