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Dr Lynda Porter

Dr Lynda Porter

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Job Title:

Lecturer in Business Economics


Marketing, Business & Society

Research interests

My research has primarily focussed upon international business strategy. Within this theme I have taken two distinct approaches and lines of enquiry. One such approach concentrates on the economic analysis of corporate social responsibility in the context of multinational corporations. Another is upon game-theoretic approaches to the strategic decision-making processes of multinational firms. More recently my research has sought to apply formal economic analysis to topics in International Business – including research that focuses upon both external competition - such as competition between firms to supply markets and to innovate technologies - and degrees of internal competition and collaboration between the sub-units of multinational firms. Another stream of my current research examines a system of democratised philanthropy, specifically, how, in the views of customers, corporate philanthropy is most appropriately undertaken. Other research interests include corporate reputation and public policy.


Leading refereed journal papers

Casson, M, Porter, L & Wadeson, N. 2016. Internationalization theory: An unfinished agenda. International Business Review, 25(6), pp. 1223-1234.

Porter, L. A. 2012. Asymmetric oligopoly and foreign direct investment: Implications for host-country tax-setting. International Economic Journal, DOI: 10.1016/S0167-7187(02)00091-7.

Pavelin, S. & Porter, L. A. 2011. Race to the bottom or top at home or abroad: health and safety standards and the multinational firm. Economic and Social Review, vol 42, no.3, pp. 289-311.

Brammer, S. J., Pavelin, S. & Porter, L. A. 2009. Corporate charitable giving, multinational companies and countries of concern. Journal of Management Studies, 46(4): 575-596, DOI: 38AM260.

► older publications

Pavelin, S. & Porter, L. A. 2008. The corporate social performance content of innovation in the UK. Journal of Business Ethics, 80: 711-725, DOI: 10.1007/s10551-007-9464-7.

Brammer, S. J., Pavelin, S. & Porter, L. A. 2006 Corporate social performance and geographical diversification. Journal of Business Research, 59(9): 1025-1034, DOI: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2006.04.001.