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Dr Maria Battarra

Dr Maria Battarra

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Leading Refereed Journal Papers
Other Outputs

MSc, PhD

Job Title:

Senior Lecturer in Management Science


Information, Decision and Operations

Key Research Interests:

Operational Research, Optimisation, Mathematical Modelling, Heuristic algorithms, Vehicle Routing.

Research Interests

My research focuses on developing innovative exact and metaheuristic algorithms for real world applications, including but not limited to vehicle routing problems, scheduling problems, disaster relief management, and maritime logistics.

PhD Supervision

I am highly interested in supervising new doctoral researchers in the field of Operational Research.


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Leading Refereed Journals Papers | Other Outputs

Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Lai, M., Battarra, M., Di Francesco, M. & Zuddas, P. 2015. An adaptive guidance meta-heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Splits and Clustered Backhauls. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 66: 1222-1235.

Erdogan, G., Battarra, M. & Wolfler Calvo, R. 2014. An Exact Algorithm for the Static Rebalancing Problem arising in Bicycle Sharing Systems. European Journal of Operational Research.

Erdogan, G., Battarra, M. & Laporte, G. 2014. Scheduling twin robots on a line. Naval Research Logistics, 61(2): 119-130.

Battarra, M., Erdogan, G. & Vigo, D. 2014. Exact Algorithms for the Clustered Vehicle Routing Problem. Operations Research, 62: 58-71.

Battarra, M., Pessoa, A., Subramanian, A. & Uchoa, E. 2014. Exact algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Draft Limits. European Journal of Operational research, 235: 115-128.

Subramanian, A., Battarra, M. & Potts, C. N. 2014. An Iterated Local Search heuristic for the Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Problem with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times. International Journal of Production Research, 52: 2729-2742.

Subramanian, A. & Battarra, M. 2013. An Iterated Local Search algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickups and Deliveries. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 64: 402-409.

Battarra, M., Erdogan, G., Laporte, G., & Vigo, D. 2010. The Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickups, Deliveries and Handling Costs. Transportation Science, 44: 383-399.


Wang, X., Battarra, M., Golden, B. & Wasil, E. 2015. Vehicle Routing and Scheduling. The Routledge Handbook of Transportation. London: Routledge.

Battarra, M., Cordeau, J.-F. & Iori, M. 2014. Pickup and Delivery Problems for Goods Transportation in Vehicle Routing Problems, Methods and Applications. SIAM.

Other Outputs

Vidal, T., Battarra, M., Subramanian, A. & Erdogan, G. 2015. Hybrid Metaheuristics for the Clustered Vehicle Routing Problem. Computers & Operational Research, 58: 87-99.

Shelbourne, B., Battarra, M. & Potts, C. N. The vehicle routing problem with job availability constraints. Submitted for publication to INFORMS Journal of Computing.