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Dr Mehdi Boussebaa

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Job Title:

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Organisational Studies

Affiliated Research Centres:

International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM)

Work and Employment Research Centre (WERC)


Strategy & Organisation

Key Research Interests:

Globalisation and its impact on organisations, especially within the professional services sector; Comparative and international management; English as the lingua franca of international business and academia.

Research Interests

Mehdi's research investigates the socio-cultural and political implications of organisational globalisation, with a particular focus on international professional service firms. He has conducted ESRC-funded research on this theme, looking specifically at the institutionally derived complexities and power relations involved in building truly ‘global’ organisations and managing knowledge, personnel and teams across nations. He is currently developing this work, theoretically and empirically, and also undertaking new research on the globalisation of the academic profession. Other research has included a study of global talent management in a leading international retailer and, more recently, a project examining the use of English in India-based offshore call centres and its role in (re)producing global inequalities and power relations in the modern world economy. Theoretically, his work is informed by a broad field of scholarship, including international and comparative management, institutional theory, Foucauldian discourse analysis, research on the professions, and globalisation theory (especially theories of transnationalism, imperialism and postcolonialism).

His work has been published in a wide range of leading US and European academic journals, including Organization Studies, Human Relations, Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of World Business. In 2015, he received the Dean’s Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Research at Bath – he was also the recipient of the School’s Dean’s Award for Research Excellence in 2012. One of his recent papers was a finalist for the 2014 US Academy of Management’s prestigious, all-academy Carolyn Dexter Award for the Best International Paper. He regularly presents his work at major international conferences (AoM, EGOS, AIB, etc.) and serves on the editorial boards of Organization Studies and the Journal of Professions and Organization. He is also an Associate Editor of Critical Perspectives on International Business.

Mehdi received his PhD from the University of Warwick and completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at Saïd Business School, where he now retains a role as an International Research Fellow. Prior to joining academia, he spent 2½ years working for an American telecoms research and consulting firm in London following undergraduate studies at Cass Business School. He was also a summer analyst on a joint LSE-McKinsey project researching management practices in France, Germany, the UK and the USA.

PhD Supervision

I welcome applications from potential PhDs in the following areas:


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Boussebaa, M. & Brown, A. D. Forthcoming. Englishization, identity regulation and imperialism. Organization Studies.

Boussebaa, M. 2015. Control in the mulitnational enterprise: the polycentric case of global professional service firms. Journal of World Business, 50(4): 696-703, DOI: 10.1016/j.jwb.2014.11.002.

Boussebaa, M. 2015. Professional service firms, globalization and the new imperialism. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 28(8): 1217-1233, DOI: 10.1108/AAAJ-03-2015-1986.

Boussebaa, M., Sinha, S. & Gabriel, Y. 2014. Englishization in offshore call centres: a postcolonial perspective. Journal of International Business Studies, 45 (9): 1152-1169.

Boussebaa, M. & Morgan, G. 2014. Pushing the frontiers of critical international business studies: the multinational as a neo-imperial space. Critical Perspectives on International Business, 10(1/2): 96-106.

Boussebaa, M., Sturdy, A. & Morgan, G. 2014. Learning from the world? Horizontal knowledge flows and geopolitics in international consulting. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25(9): 1227-1242, DOI: 10.1080/09585192.2013.826711.

Boussebaa M., Morgan G. & Sturdy A. 2012. Constructing global firms? National, transnational and neocolonial effects in international management consultancies. Organization Studies, 33(4): 465-486, DOI:10.1177/0170840612443454.

Taminiau, Y., Boussebaa, M. & Berghman, L. 2012. Convergence or divergence? A comparative analysis of informal consultant-client relationship development practices in Britain, France and Germany. The Service Industries Journal, 32(10): 1707-1720, DOI: 10.1080/02642069.2012.665902.

Greenwood, R., Morris, T., Fairclough, S. & Boussebaa, M. 2010. The Organizational Design of Transnational Professional Service Firms. Organizational Dynamics, 39(2): 173-183, DOI: 10.1016/j.prgdyn.2010.01.003.

Boussebaa, M. 2009. Struggling to Organise Across National Borders: The Case of Global Resource Management in Professional Service Firms. Human Relations, 62(6): 829-850, DOI: 10.1177/0018726709104544.

► older publications

Boussebaa, M. & Morgan, G. 2008. Managing Talent Across National Borders: The Challenges Faced by an International Retail Group. Critical Perspectives on International Business, 4(1): 25-41, DOI: 10.1108/17422040810849749.

Other Outputs

Boussebaa, M. & Faulconbridge, J. 2016. The work of global professional service firms. In A. Wilkinson, D. Hislop & C. Coupland (Eds.), Perspectives on Contemporary Professional Work: Challenges and Experiences. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Boussebaa, M. & Morgan, G. 2015. Internationalization of professional service firms: drivers, forms and outcomes . In L. Empson, D. Muzio, J. Broschak & B. Hinings (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Boussebaa, M., Sinha, S. & Gabriel, Y. 2014. Let’s all speak English: why the dominance of English in business perpetuates aspects of the colonial era. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.

Boussebaa, M. 2012. La construction de la multinationale "apatride": le cas des entreprises mondiales de services professionnels. In A. Mendez, R. Tchobanian & A. Vion (Eds.), Mondialisation, travail et compétences: les dynamiques sociétales en question. Armand Colin.

Boussebaa, M. 2012. Power, conflict and control in global professional service Firms. Novak Druce Centre Insights. No 10 Oxford: Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Boussebaa, M. 2012. The globalization of professional service firms (and its limits). The Bath Perspective, Edition 18. Bath: School of Management, University of Bath.

Boussebaa, M. 2011. The Global Organizational Design of the ‘Big Four’ [opening case]. In M. W. Peng & K. E. Meyer, International Business. Cengage.

Greenwood, R., Morris, T., Fairclough, S. & Boussebaa, M. 2011. The rise of the multiplex professional service firm. Novak Druce Centre Insights. No. 10 Oxford: Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Boussebaa, M. & Morgan, G. 2010. Amplifier Consulting – Managing a ‘Global’ Project [end of chapter case study]. In R. Daft, H. Willmott & Murphy, J., Organisational Theory & Design. Thomson, Cenge Learning. Click here for article external website

Spicer, A. & Boussebaa, M. 2009. ‘Managing Conflict: The Curious Case of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.’ In P. Hancock & M. Tyler (Eds.), The Management of Everyday Life. Palgrave.

► older publications

Boussebaa, M. 2008. When the Party's Over: The Dark Side of Consulting. Review of Les nettoyeurs by V. Petitet. Organization, 15(3): 467-77.

Boussebaa, M. 2008. Are Consultants Simply Bluffing? Review of Sociologie du conseil en management by M. Villette. Organization, 15(2): 298-300.