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Professor Michael Lewis

Professor Michael Lewis

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MEng, PhD

Job Title:

Professor in Supply Strategy

Affiliated Research Centre:

Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS)


Information, Decision and Operations

Key Research Interests:

Strategic benefits of operational and supply competence, Dis-benefits of operational and supply failure

Research Interests

Although always interested in an eclectic range of subjects, my research activities address two complementary themes across both public and private sector organizations: the strategic benefits of operational and supply competence and the dis-benefits of operational and supply failure. Moreover, these themes reflect a personal commitment to multi-disciplinary, practice-orientated but sometimes critical perspectives: employing a range of methodologies: from archive data work, to case studies and simple experimental game forms. Current research projects include:


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Kreye, M., Roehrich, J. & Lewis, M. 2015. Servitizing manufacturers: The importance of service complexity and contractual capabilities. Production Planning and Control, 26 (14-15): 1233-1246.

Roehrich, J. & Lewis, M. 2014. Governance in Complex Supply Arrangements: the role of contracts and trust. International Journal of Operations and Production Management , 34(2): 221-241.

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Brown, S., Squire, B. & Lewis, M. 2009. The impact of inclusive fragmented operations strategies on operating performance. International Journal of Production Research, 29(8): 766-788, DOI: 1472-2939.

► older publications

Zheng, J., Roerich, J. & Lewis, M. 2008. The Dynamics of contractual and relational governance: Evidence from long-term public-private arrangements. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 14(1): 43-54, DOI: 10.1016/j.pursup.2008.01.004.

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Other Outputs

Lewis, M. & Roehrich, J. 2012. Contracts, relationships, and integration: Towards a model of the procurement of complex performance. Procuring Complex Performance: Studies of Innovation in Product-Service Management, Taylor and Francis, 19-40.

Caldwell, N., Phillips, W., Johnsen, T. & Lewis, M. 2006. Procurement ethics and Telecare innovation in UK healthcare. In K. Yhati & G. Stefano (Eds.), Advancing Public Procurement: Practices, Innovation and Knowledge-Sharing: 139-155. Boca Raton, Fl, USA: Pracademics Press.

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