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BSc, PhD

Job Title:

Professor of Human Resource Management

Affiliated Research Centre:

Future of Work Research Centre (Director)


Strategy and Organiatsion

Key Research Interests:

Working lives; exploitation, control and resistance; gender; critical management/leadership studies; embodiment and identities.

Research Interests

My research always starts with asking: what is it like to be the person doing that job, in that way, at this time, in this place, and in these circumstances? This series of questions takes me into explorations of people’s working lives in general, how people become the people they are through their work, how they are limited by the detrimental effects of (broadly defined) hierarchies of control and how they flourish despite all the pressures put upon them. I use qualitative research methods and am wondering how to push forward the boundaries of what it is possible to do as a qualitative researcher. My current research includes: explorations of the Geek and the emergence of the Posthuman in software development (with Dr. Rana Tassabehji); autoethnographic accounts of embodiment and identities (with Dr. Sarah Gilmore and others); and the 21st century Crone (with Professor Jackie Ford and others). I am also writing a book that asks: what is ‘an organisation?’

PhD Supervision

I welcome PhD applications from prospective students interested in any aspect of management and organisation studies that asks: what is it like to do that job, in that way, at this time, in this place, and in these circumstances? Students might be interested in posing these questions in order to solve an organisational problem. I am particularly interested in applicants interested in applying philosophical theory within their research. For example, I have supervised doctoral students who: have used post-colonial theory to understand the working lives of British-Asian young adults; applied the philosophical theory of Judith Butler to interpreting organisational change in the NHS; and psychoanalytical theory to explore the work of art therapists. My current doctoral students include someone using feminist theories to interrogate the absence of women from senior positions in Australia’s trade unions, and someone exploring how to combine visual research methods with story-telling approaches to explore the emotional work of human resource managers.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Ford, J., Harding, N., Gilmore, S. and Richardson, S. Forthcoming. Becoming the leader: Leadership as material presence. Organization Studies

Harding, N., Ford, J. and Lee, H. 2017. Towards a performative theory of resistance: senior managers and revolting subject(ivitie)s. Organization Studies, 38:9, 1209-1233.

Griffin, M., Harding, N. and Learmonth, M. Forthcoming. Whistle while you Work? Disney Animation, Organizational Readiness and Gendered Subjugation. Organization Studies.

Cabantous, L., Gond, J-P, Harding, N. and Learmonth, M. 2016. What do we mean by performativity in organization and management studies? The uses and abuses of performativity. International Journal of Management Reviews. 18: 440-463.

Cabantous, L., Gond, J-P, Harding, N. and Learmonth, M. 2016. Moving critical performativity forward. Human Relations. 69 (2): 251-256.

Cabantous, L., Gond, J-P, Harding, N. and Learmonth, M. 2016. Reconsidering critical performativity. Human Relations, 69 (2): 197-213.

Harding, N. 2016. Review Essay: New directions in Queer Theory: Recent theorizing in the work of Lynne Huffer, Leo Bersani and Adam Phillips, and Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman. Gender, Work and Organization. 23 (1): 74-83.

Atkinson, C., Ford, J., Harding, N. and Jones, F. 2015. The expectations and aspirations of a late-career professional woman. Work, Employment and Society. 29 (6): 1019-1028

Harding, N., Lee, H. and Ford, J. 2014. Who is the middle manager? On constituting an organizational self. Human Relations, 67 (10): 1213-1237.

Fotaki, M., Metcalfe, B. and Harding, N. 2014. Writing materiality into management and organization studies through and with Luce Irigaray. Human Relations, 67 (10): 1239-1263.

Harding, N., Ford, J., and Fotaki, M. 2013. Is the F-word still dirty? A past, present and future of/for feminist and gender studies in Organization. Paper written for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of ‘Organization’. Organization, 20 (1): 51-65.

Fotaki, M. and Harding, N. 2013. Lacan and sexual difference in organization and management theory Towards a hysterical academy? Organization 20 (2): 153-172.

Ford, J., Harding, N. and Learmonth, M. 2012. Who is it that would make business schools more critical? A response to Tatli‘s response to Ford, Harding and Learmonth. British Journal of Management 23 (1): 31-34.

Harding, N., Lee, H., Ford, J and Learmonth, M. 2011. Leadership and charisma: A desire that cannot speak its name? Human Relations 64 (7): 927 - 950.

Ford, Jackie and Harding, Nancy. 2010. Get back into that kitchen, woman. Management conferences and the making of the female professional worker. Gender, Work and Organization 17 (5): 503-520.

Harding, N., Ford, J. and Gough, B. 2010. Accounting for Ourselves: Are Academics Exploited Workers?:-) Critical Perspectives on Accounting 21 (2): 159-168.

Ford, J., Harding, N. and Learmonth, M. 2010. Who is it that would make business schools more critical? Critical reflections on critical management studies. British Journal of Management 21: s.71- s.81.

2008 or older in here


Fotaki, Marianna and Harding, Nancy 2017. Bringing 21st century feminism into organization studies. New York: Routledge.

Pullen, A., Phillips, M., Harding, N. and Gilmore, S. 2017. Feminists and Queer Theorists debate the future of Critical Management Studies. Emerald Series: Critical dialogues in critical management studies. Yorkshire: Emerald.

Harding, Nancy. 2013. On Being at Work: The Social Construction of the Employee. New York/London: Routledge.

Currie, Graeme, Ford, Jackie, Harding, Nancy and Learmonth, Mark (Eds.). 2010. Making Public Services Critical. London: Routledge.

Other Outputs

Ford, J. and Harding, N. 2016. Followers in Leadership Theory: Fiction, Fantasy and Illusion. Leadership.

Harding, N. 2014. Reading leadership through Hegel’s Master/Slave dialectic: Towards a theory of the powerlessness of the powerful. Leadership, 10 (4): 391-411.

Ford, J. and Harding, N. 2011. Authentic Leadership: Improving Organisations or Playing with Fire? Leadership 7 (4): 465-481.