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BA (University of California), MA (Harvard University), PhD (Harvard University)

Job Title:

Professor of Marketing


Marketing, Business and Society

Key Research Interests:

Retailing, Consumer Behaviour, Affect and Emotion, Advertising Effectiveness, Pricing

Research Interests

My research centres on consumer behaviour. My most recent research in this area focuses on the role of ‘interpersonal customisation’ or the tailoring of a communication to a customer and identifies how firms can achieve competitive advantage in the retail sector through customisation of retail promotions and employee behaviour. As part of this research I have worked in countries such as Senegal, Chile, and China.

This area of recent research can be classified into three areas:

1) My research into affect (e.g., mood and emotions) looks at the impact of affect on consumer decision-taking. This research finds that customer mood impacts tolerance for ambiguity (Braun-LaTour, Puccinelli & Mast, 2007), preference for spokespeople in an advertisement (Puccinelli, 2006), choice of retail outlets (Puccinelli, Deshpandé, and Isen, 2007) and preference for ads (Puccinelli, Wilcox, & Grewal, 2015). Surprisingly, this work finds that people in a bad mood avoid options that make them feel better and suggests that successful firms will seek to customise their offerings to match such customer attributes.

2) A second line of work looks at the effect of being able to read affect in interpersonal contexts. This research finds that customers perceive salespeople skilled at reading nonverbal cues to customer affect as offering higher quality service (Puccinelli et al., 2013).

3) In a third line of research, I consider psychological factors that drive customer retail behaviour. This research finds, for example, that men perceive retailers featuring prices in red as offering better savings than retailers offering prices in black, while women show no such effect (Puccinelli et al. 2013).

PhD Supervision

I am very interested in supervising new doctoral students. My expectation would be that they have a passion for research, aspire to an academic career, and have a strong interest in consumer behaviour. I have access to a fully-funded studentship for a talented candidate. To ensure an optimal doctoral student experience, I only accept students interested in doing work very close to my areas of interest and will usually start by collaborating on an existing project.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Puccinelli, N. M., Wilcox, K. & Grewal, D. 2015. Consumers’ response to commercials: when the energy level in the commercial conflicts with the media context. Journal of Marketing, 79 (2): 1-18. DOI: 10.1509/jm.13.0026

Motyka, S., Grewal, D., Puccinelli, N., Roggeveen, A. L., Avnet, T., Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K. & Wetzels, M. 2014. Regulatory fit: A meta-analytic synthesis. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 24 (3): 394-410. DOI: 10.1016/j.jcps.2013.11.004

Spence, C., Puccinelli, N. M., Grewal, D & Roggeveen, A. L. 2014. Store Atmospherics: A Multisensory Perspective. Psychology & Marketing, 31 (7): 472–488. DOI: 10.1002/mar.20709

Grewal, D., Roggeveen, A. L., Puccinelli, N. M. & Spence, C. 2014. Retail Atmospherics and In-Store Nonverbal Cues: An Introduction. Psychology & Marketing, 31 (7): 469–471. DOI 10.1002/mar.20708

Puccinelli, N. M., Chandrashekaran, R., Grewal, D. & Suri, R. 2013. Are Men Seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price Perceptions. Journal of Retailing, 89(2): 115-125. DOI 10.1016/j.jretai.2013.01.002

Powell, T. & Puccinelli, N. M. 2012. The Brain as Substitute for Strategic Organization. Strategic Organization, 10(3): 207-214. DOI: 10.1177/1476127012452823

Puccinelli, N. M., Motyka, S., & Grewal, D. 2010. Can You Trust a Customer’s Expression? Insights into Nonverbal Communication in the Retail Context. Psychology & Marketing, 27(10): 964-88. DOI: 10.1002/mar.20368

Puccinelli, N. M., Goodstein, R., Grewal, D., Price, R., Raghubir, P., & Stewart, D. 2009. Store Atmospherics: A Multisensory Perspective: Understanding the Buying Process. Journal of Retailing, 85 (1): 15-30. DOI: 10.1002/mar.20709

Puccinelli, N. M., Goodstein, R. C., Grewal, D., Price, R., Raghubir, P. & Stewart, D. Customer experience management in retailing: understanding the buying process. 2009. Journal of Retailing, 85(1): 15-30. DOI: 10.1016/j.jretai.2008.11.003.

► older publications

Puccinelli, N. M., Deshpandé, R. & Isen, A. M. 2007. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Mood Congruity, Self-monitoring and Retail Context Preference. Journal of Business Research, 60(6), 640-648.

Braun-LaTour, K., Puccinelli, N. M. & Mast, F. 2007. Mood and the Processing of Congruent and Incongruent Information: Implications for Information Overload. Journal of Business Research, 60(11): 1109-1116.

Puccinelli, N. M. 2006. Putting Your Best Face Forward: The Impact of Customer Mood on Salesperson Evaluation. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 16(2): 156-162.

Other Outputs

Puccinelli, N. M. Andrzejewski, S. A., Markos, E., Noga, T. & Motyka, S. 2013. The Value Of Knowing What Customers Really Want: The Impact of Salesperson Ability To Read Non-Verbal Cues of Affect On Service Quality. Journal of Marketing Management, 29 (3/4): 356-373. DOI: 10.1080/0267257X.2013.766631

Grewal, D., Scott, M., Puccinelli, N. M., Roggeveen, A. L., Daryanto, A., de Ruyter, K. & Wetzels, M. 2010. Understanding How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Regulatory Fit: A Meta-Analysis. Marketing Science Institute Reports. Working Paper Series 2010, Report No 10-117.