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Peter Nuttall

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BSc, MA, PhD

Job Title:

Associate Dean (Postgraduate Taught) and Director of International Relations, Associate Professor in Marketing

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Marketing, Business & Society

Key Research Interests:

Consumer research, adolescents, identity, symbolic consumption, High School Prom

Research Interests

Pete Nuttall’s work considers the consumer behaviour and practices of adolescents. His work has included adolescent expression of self in the context of music consumption, the social environment and its relevance for adolescent choice and use of music and more recently he has explored elective identity and commitment to practice within social groups. Employing innovative research methods to generate greater insight into adolescent behaviour is key to his research. Current projects include Style and Subculture: This project examines small social groups organised around shared fashion and music to understand how those in emerging adulthood ‘practice’ being part of a group. This study considers not only how an individual self project is assembled but the way in which the practice of being part of a social group can be viewed as credible or authentic by others. Ritual Practices: This project focuses on adolescent experiences of the high school prom and considers the ‘globalisation’ of this ritual event.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Nuttall, P., & Mamali, E. 2016. Mobilizing hegemonic practices in trajectories of conspicuous resistance. European Journal of Marketing. 50(9-10): 1629-1651.

Al-Mutawa, F. S., Elliott, R. & Nuttall, P. 2015. Foreign brands in local cultures: A socio-cultural perspective of postmodern brandscapes. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 14(2): 137-144, DOI: 10.1002/cb.1508.

Tinson, J., & Nuttall, P. 2014. Social Collective Decision Making among Adolescents: A Review and a Revamp. Psychology and Marketing. 31(10): 871-885.

Nuttall, P. & Tinson, J. 2012. Resistance to Ritual Practice: Exploring Perceptions of Others. European Journal of Marketing, 45(11/12): 1725-1735, DOI: 10.1108/03090561111167360.

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Nuttall, P., Shankar, A. & Beverland, M. 2011. Mapping the Unarticulated Potential of Qualitative Research. Journal of Advertising Research, 51(1): 153-166, DOI: N/A.

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Nuttall, P. 2009. Insiders, regulars and tourists: Exploring selves and music consumption in adolescence. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 8(4): 211-224, DOI: 10.1002/cb.286.

► older publications

Nuttall, P. 2008. Thank you for the music? The role and significance of music for adolescents. Young Consumers, 9(2): 104-111, DOI: 10.1108/17473610810879675.

Nuttall, P. & Tinson, J. 2008. Keeping it in the family: How teenagers use music to bond, build bridges and seek autonomy. Advances in Consumer Research, 35(1): 450-456, DOI: N/A.

Nuttall, P. & Tinson, J. 2008. Heard but not seen: A teenage centric approach to music consumption research. Advances in Consumer Research, 35(1): 401-40, DOI: N/A.

Nuttall, P. 2008. For those about to rock: A new understanding of adolescent music consumption. Advances in Consumer Research, 35(1). DOI: N/A.

Tinson, J. & Nuttall, P. 2007. Insider trading? Exploring familial intra-generational borrowing and sharing. The Marketing Review, 7(2): 185-200, DOI: 10.1362/146934707X198885.

Nuttall, P. & Tinson, J. 2005. Exploring peer group influence by considering the use and consumption of popular music among early adolescents. The Marketing Review, 5(4): 357-370, DOI: 10.1362/146934705775186818.

Other Outputs

Tinson, J. & Nuttall, P. 2013. Exploring appropriation of global cultural rituals. In M.G. Piacentini & C.C. Cui (Eds.) Multicultural Perspectives in Customer Behaviour: 81-98. London: Taylor and Francis.

Nuttall, P. 2009. In J. S. Tinson (Eds.), Conducting Research with Children and Adolescents: Design, Methods and Empirical Cases: 168-187. Goodfellow, Oxford ISBN:978-1-906884-02-4.