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Dr Robert Heath

Dr Robert Heath

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Job Title:

Senior Lecturer in Advertising Theory

Affiliated Research Centre:

Centre for Research in Advertising and Consumption (CRiAC)


Marketing, Business & Society

Key Research Interests:

Advertising, Emotion, Attention, Communication Psychology

Research Interests

My research explores the processing of advertising at low levels of attention, and the role of emotion in advertising. My long term aim is to improve the understanding of how advertising works. This has commercial implications for the improvement of advertising effectiveness, and social implications for the exploitation of sensitive areas and vulnerable groups by advertising.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Smit, E. G., Neijens, P. C. & Heath, R. G. 2013. The Differential Effects of Position, Ad and Reader Characteristics on Readers' Processing of Newspaper Ads. International Journal of Advertising, 32(1): 65-84.

Heath, R. G. 2011.  The Secret of Television’s Success: Emotional Content or Rational Information? After 50 years the debate continues. Journal of Advertising Research, 50th Anniversary Special Edition. 50(1 supplement): 112-123. Runner-up, 2011 Best Paper Prize.

Heath, R. G., Nairn, A. C. & Bottomley, P. 2009. How effective is creativity? Emotive content in TV advertising does not increase attention. Journal of Advertising Research, 49(4): 450-463.

Heath, R. G. 2009. Emotional Engagement: How Television Builds Big Brands At Low Attention. Journal of Advertising Research, 49(1): 62-73, DOI: 10.2501/S0021849909091077.

► older publications

Heath, R. G. & Feldwick, P. 2008. 50 years using the wrong model of advertising. International Journal of Market Research, 50(1): 29-59, Winner, 2007 MRS Conference Best Paper Award. DOI: 10.2501/s0021849909090060.

Heath, R. G. 2007 Advertising works 15. International Journal of Advertising, 26(3): 408-410.

Heath, R. G., Brandt, D. & Nairn, A. 2006. Brand relationships: strengthened by emotion, weakened by attention. Journal of Advertising Research, 46 (4): 410-419, DOI: 10.2501/S002184990606048X.

Heath, R. G. & Hyder, P. 2005. Measuring the hidden power of emotive advertising. International Journal of Market Research, 47(5): 467-486. Winner, David Winton Award 2004, ISBA Award 2004. DOI: N/A.

Heath, R. G. & Nairn, A. 2005. Measuring affective advertising: implications of low attention processing on recall. Journal of Advertising Research, 45 (2): 269-281, DOI: 10.1017/S0021849905050282.

Heath, R. G. 2001. Low involvement processing - a new model of brand communication. Journal of Marketing Communication, 7(1): 27-33, DOI: 10.1080/13527260123019.


Heath, R. G. 2012 Seducing the Subsconscious: The Psychology of Emotional Influence in Advertising 249. Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

Heath, R. G. 2001. The Hidden Power of Advertising: 125. Admap Monograph no. 7: Henley-on-Thames, UK, WARC.

Other Outputs

Heath, R. G. 2007. Reinforcement and low attention processing. In T. Ambler & G. Tellis (Eds.), Sage handbook of advertising. Newbury Park, California: Sage.

Heath, R. G. 2003. Low involvement Processing – How advertising works at low attention levels. In F. Hansen & L. B. Christensen (Eds.), Branding & Advertising: 356-364. Denmark: Copenhagen Business School Press.