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Job Title:

Senior Lecturer in Finance


Accounting, Finance & Law

Key Research Interests:

Empirical Money and Banking; Financial Crisis; Liquidity Risk; Asset Pricing; Negative Interest Rate Policy

Research Interests

Ru Xie's main research areas lie in empirical money & banking studies and asset pricing. Recently, she has been working on various research projects in the area of monetary policy and financial uncertainty, including negative interest rate policy, financial crisis and funding & market liquidity risk. She has previously worked at Goethe University Frankfurt and Bangor Business School and has held visiting positions at: Bank of Finland and Goethe University Frankfurt.

PhD Supervision

I am interested in receiving PhD queries from students with research interests in empirical financial studies and who have a strong quantitative background.


Xie, R., ap Gwilym, O., Hasan, I., and Wang, Q. 2016. In Search of Concepts: The Effects of Speculative Demand on Stock Returns, European Financial Management 22 (3)

Xie, R., Hakenes, H., Hasan, I., Molyneux, P., 2015. Small Banks and Local Economic Development, Review of Finance, 19 (2): 653-683.

Xie, R., Molyneux P., Nguyen, L. H., 2013. Foreign Bank Entry in South East Asia, International Review of Financial Analysis, 30 (Dec): 26-35.

Xie, R., Behr, P. and Schmidt R H. 2010. Market Structure, Capital Regulation and Bank Risk Taking, Journal of Financial Services Research 37 (2): 131-158.