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Dr Stefan Hielscher

Dr Stefan Hielscher

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MSc, PhD

Job Title:

Prize Fellow Business & Society


Marketing, Business & Society

Key Research Interests:

Business and economic ethics; history of CSR practice, sharing economy, discourse failure

Research Interests

Stefan’s research program takes a governance perspective to investigate the opportunities and limits of how private organizations, including business firms and civil society organizations, can contribute to sustainable societal development by realizing win-win solutions. In his empirical and conceptual work, he is particularly interested in inter- and intra-organizational governance innovations, such as those set up and facilitated by the sharing economy, and in the variegated contributions of private organizations to societal discourses. His research also covers the history of business and society practice, focusing on governance innovations of businesses during both the Industrial Revolution and the Commercial Revolution.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Valentinov, V., Hielscher, S. & Pies, I. 2015. Nonprofit organizations, Institutional Economics, and Systems Thinking. Economic Systems, 39(3): 491-501.

Hielscher, S., Beckmann, M., Pies, I. 2014. Participation Versus Consent: Should corporations be Run According to Democratic Principles?. Business Ethics Quarterly, 24(4): 533-563.

Pies, I., Beckmann, M., Hielscher, S. 2014. The Political Role of the Business Firm: An Ordonomic Re-Conceptualization of an Aristotelian Idea. Business and Society, 53(2): 226-259.

Beckmann, M., Hielscher, S., Pies, I. 2014. Commitment Strategies for Sustainability: How Business Firms Can Transform Trade-Offs into Win-Win Outcomes. Business Strategy and the Environment, 23(1): 18-37.

Pies, I., Beckmann, M., Hielscher, S. 2010. Value Creation, Management Competencies, and Global Corporate Citizenship - An Ordonomic Approach to Business Ethics in the Age of Globalization. Journal of Business Ethics, 94(2): 265-278.

Pies, I., Hielscher, S., Beckmann, M. 2009. Moral Commitments and the Societal Role of Business: An Ordonomic Approach to Corporate Citizenship. Business Ethics Quarterly, 19(3): 375-401.


Hielscher, S. 2012. Cooperation vs. Aid: An Ordonomic Contribution to the Theory of International Development. WVB. Berlin, Germany.

Other Outputs

Hielscher, Winkin, Crack, Pies. 2017. Saving the Moral Capital of NGOs: Identifying One-Sided and Many-Sided Social Dilemmas in NGO Accountability, accepted for publication at Voluntas:  International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, doi:10.1007/s11266-016-9807-z.

Valentinov, V., Hielscher, S., Pies, I. 2016. Emergence: A Systems Theory's Challenge to Ethics. Systemic Practice and Action Research, 29: 597-610. DOI: 10. 1007/s11213-016-9380-9.  

Hielscher, S., Pies, I., Valentinov, V., Chatalova, L. 2016. Rationalizing the GMO Debate: The Ordonomic Approach to Addressing Agricultural Myths. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13 (5): 476. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph13050476.

Hielscher, S., Pies, I. 2016. Emergent Social Dilemmas in Modern Society: An Institutional Economics' Perspective. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, DOI: 10.1002/sres.2396.

Hielscher, S., Will, M. 2014. Mental Modes of Sustainability: Unearthing and Analyzing the Mental Images of Corporate Sustainability with Qualitative Empirical Research. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 31: 708-719.

Valentinov, V., Hielscher, S., Pies, I. 2013. The Meaning of Nonprofit Advocacy: An Ordonomic Perspective. The Social Science Journal, 50(3): 367-373.

Hielscher, S., Pies, I., Valentinov, V. 2012. How to Foster Social Progress: An Ordonomic Perspective on Institutional Change. Journal of Economic Issues, 46(3): 779-797.

Pies, I., Hielscher, S. 2011. The International Provision of Pharmaceuticals: A Comparison of Two Alternative Argumentative Strategies for Global Ethics. Journal of Global Ethics, 7(1): 71-87.