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PhD (Cantab), BSc, AFHEA

Job Title:

Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Management


Information, Decisions and Operations

Key Research Interests:

Intelligent logistics and supply chain management, digital manufacturing, data analytics, smart/connected products.

Research Interests

Central to my research has always been the usage of digital technologies to manage and support business operations in a more intelligent way. Generally, these technologies can enable either data collection and sharing or decision-making and execution. I am interested in application areas across the value chain with a special focus on supply chain management and logistics.

PhD Supervision

I am looking forward to working with students with an interest in the application and evaluation of digital/IT technologies in business operations, especially in logistics and supply chain management. I am happy to discuss your personal ideas and I am generally open to new topics.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

V. Giannikas, W. Lu, B. Robertson, and D. McFarlane. 2017. An interventionist strategy for warehouse order picking: evidence from two case studies. International Journal of Production Economics, 189: 63-76

W. Lu, D. McFarlane, V. Giannikas, and Q. Zhang. 2016. An algorithm for dynamic order-picking in warehouse operations. European Journal of Operational Research, 248(1):107-122

D. McFarlane, V. Giannikas, and W. Lu. 2016. Intelligent logistics: Involving the customer. Computers in Industry, 81:105-115

Other Outputs

S. Pan, V. Giannikas, Y. Han, B. Qiao, and E. Grover-Silva. 2017. Using customer-related data to enhance e-grocery home delivery. Industrial Management & Data Systems, In press. DOI: 10.1108/IMDS-10-2016-0432

D. McFarlane, V. Giannikas, A. C. Wong, and M. Harrison. 2013. Product intelligence in industrial control: Theory and practice. Annual Reviews in Control, 37(1): 69-88 

T. Kelepouris, D. McFarlane, and V. Giannikas. 2012. A supply chain tracking model using Auto-ID observations. International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, 5(4): 1-22 

D. Spinellis and V. Giannikas. 2012. Organizational adoption of open source software. Journal of Systems and Software, 85(3): 666-682 

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