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Professor Veronica Hope Hailey

Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey

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BA, MSc, PhD

Job Title:

University of Bath Vice-President;
Dean, School of Management;
Chair in Management Studies


Strategy & Organisation

Key Research Interests:

Strategic Change, HR Strategy, Trust and Trust Repair, Employee Engagement, the Employment Relationship.

Research Interests

Veronica’s research focuses on the link between Business Strategy, HR Strategy and Change Management. She is particularly interested in the relationship between organisational change and individual transition. She teaches and consults on an international basis.

Veronica specialises in working with large, mature organisations in collaborative research partnerships.  A consistent theme of these collaborations is exploration of the challenges of corporate renewal and people transformation.  Her most recent work has focused on the Repair of Trust following the financial crisis, culminating in a report for the CIPD “Where has all the trust gone?”.  This research was undertaken within 14 organisations, including the John Lewis Partnership, GKN, Norton Rose, HMRC and a banking group. Before that Veronica was funded by SHRM in the USA to conduct a study comparing Employee Engagement and Performance Management in the UK, India and China and The Netherlands. Veronica has just commenced a new project with the CIPD, looking at Innovation and HRM.  She is also launching the second phase of her Trust research, examining how to foster the development of trustworthy leaders.


2016 HR Most Influential Thinkers list: Professor Hope-Hailey ranked 6th [more info... external website]

HR Most Influential 2016

Professor Hope Hailey listed in the 2015 Top Thought Leaders in Trust [more info...pdf]

Top Leaders

At Corporate Research Forum, Professor Hope-Hailey identifies the key drivers of trustworthiness and discusses whether today's organisations are all facing the same challenge on trust. Watch her interview [video »]

Professor Hope-Hailey speaksto Harvard Business Review on communicating change, leadership in context and the importance of persevering [webcasts »]

In the 1990s Veronica worked with Lynda Gratton on the Leading Edge Forum at LBS, after which she went on to found and direct the Change Management Consortium (CMC) which ran from 2002 until 2008. Members of the CMC included GSK, Ernst and Young, GKN, MOD and Kraft.

Veronica is a member of the UK Government’s Task Force on Employee Engagement. Veronica’s previous appointments include Associate Dean and Professor of HRM at Cass Business School, Professor of HRM at Cranfield School of Management and also a Fellowship at the University of Cambridge. Her publications include Strategic Human Resource Management with Lynda Gratton and Exploring Strategic Change with Julia Balogun which goes into 4th edition in 2013.

Dean, School of Management

The School of Management is one of the UK's leading business schools. The Complete University Guide 2018 is evidence of this, with the School ranked 1st in the country for Marketing and 2nd for Management Studies. The Teaching Excellence Framework 2017 also awarded the University Gold for undergraduate teaching – the highest possible rating in the UK.

Delivering the very best student experience from a world class research base has is central to the School's mission.

Veronica is married with five daughters.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

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Other Outputs

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► older publications

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