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Weixi Liu

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PhD, MSc

Job Title:

Lecturer in Finance


Accounting, Finance & Law

Key Research Interests:

Pension Economics, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital & Private Equity

Research Interests

Dr Weixi Liu holds a PhD in Finance and MSc in Economics from University of Exeter Business School. Weixi’s primary interests include corporate pension funds; the financing of early-stage, high-growth, high-tech entrepreneurial firms; and directors’ compensation. He is also actively involved in research on small business growth dynamics; and government policies on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance. He has published extensively in leading academic journals, and has been commissioned by both national governments and international institutions to conduct policy-focused research on entrepreneurship policy and policy evaluation. Prior to joining University of Bath, he was Associate Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Renmin University of China. He has also held positions at Exeter Business School and UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)..

PhD Supervision

Pension scheme and corporate investment, financing and/or payout decisions; Financing of SMEs and entrepreneurial businesses.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Liu, W., Cowling, M. & Zhang, N. 2016. The World is your Oyster: The Effects of Knowledge, Human Capital, Technology and Entry Timing on International Growth. International Review of Entrepreneurship, 14 (2).

Liu, W., Cowling, M. & Zhang, N. 2016. Access to Bank Finance for UK SMEs in the Wake of the Recent Financial Crisis. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 22, 6, p. 903-932.

Cowling, M., Liu, W., Zhang, N. & Minniti, M. 2016. UK credit and discouragement during the GFC. Small Business Economics, 47, 4, p. 1049-1074.

Cowling, M., Liu, W., Ledger, A. & Zhang, N. 2015. What really happens to small and medium-sized enterprises in a global economic recession? UK evidence on sales and job dynamics. International Small Business Journal, 33(5), pp. 488-513, DOI: 10.1177/0266242613512513.

Liu, W. & Tonks, I. 2013. Pension Funding Constraints and Corporate Expenditures. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 75(2): 235-258, DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0084.2012.00693.x.

Cowling, M., Liu, W. & Ledger, A. 2012. Small Business Financing in the UK Before and During the Current Financial Crisis. International Small Business Journal, 30(7): 778-800, DOI: 10.1177/0266242611435516.


Other Outputs

Murray, G., Cowling, M., & Liu, W. 2014. The logic and historical evolution of ‘hybrid’ venture capital programs in the US, Germany, UK and Australia: The case of the Innovation Investment Fund, 1997-2009. In D. Bailey, K. Cowling & P.R. Tomlinson (Eds.), New Perspectives on Industrial Policy for a Modern Britain: 131-169. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Cowling, M. & Liu, W. 2011. The effect of growth orientation and access to finance on UK SME performance during the economic recession. Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Commissioned report.

Liu, W. & I. Tonks. 2009. Alternative Risk-Based Levies in the Pension Protection Fund for Multi-employer Schemes. Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2009(8), 451-483, DOI: 10.1017/S1474747209004016.

Liu, W. &Tonks, I. 2009. Pension Fund Deficits and Stock Market Efficiency: Evidence from the United Kingdom. In M. Micocci, G. N. Gregoriou & G. B. Masala (Eds.), Pension Fund Risk Management: Financial and Actuarial Modeling: 659-688. Chapman Hall.