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Dr Xingjie Wei

Dr Xingjie Wei

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BEng, PhD

Job Title:

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Information Systems


Information, Decisions & Operations

Key Research Interests:

Social computing, computational sociology, biometrics, big data, social network analysis, machine learning

Research Interests

I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Warwick. Before joining the SoM, I worked as a Research Associate in the Psychometrics Centre in the Judge Business School at University of Cambridge. I have been working in Computer Science, Psychology and Business School departments doing interdisciplinary research investigating the relationship between human factors and computational techniques. My work focuses on analysing and predicting behavioural and psychological traits (e.g., personality) of humans from their social network data (e.g., text, image, activities, etc), which can be applied to improve business practice in marketing and management.

PhD Supervision

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD students who are interested in my work areas. More details about my research can be found in my personal website: external website


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Wei, X., Li, C.T., Lei, Z., Yi, D. and Li, S.Z., 2014. Dynamic image-to-class warping for occluded face recognition. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 9(12), pp.2035-2050.


Wei, X and Li, C.T., 2017, Face Recognition Technologies for Evidential Evaluation of Video Traces, Handbook of Biometrics for Forensic Science, ed. by Tistarelli, M. and Champod, C., Springer

Arbab-Zavar, B., Wei, X., Bustard, J.D., Nixon, M.S. and Li, C.-T., 2015, On Forensic Use of Biometrics Handbook of Digital Forensics of Multimedia Data and Devices, ed. by Ho, A. T. S. and Li, S., John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Other Outputs.

Wei, X., and Stillwell, D., 2017, How smart does your profile image look? Estimating intelligence from social network profile images, ACM WSDM.

Wei, X., Palomäki, J., Yan, J., and Robinson, P., 2016, The Science and Detection of Tilting, ACM ICMR.