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Dr Yasin Rofcanin

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BA (Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2008), MBA (Bogazici University, Istanbul, 2010), MSc (Warwick Business School, 2014), Ph.D (Warwick Business School, 2016)

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Strategy & Organisation

Key Research Interests:

Social information processing and social comparison theories; Relational models of justice and fairness theory; Resource theories: Work-Home Resources model and the COR (Conservation of Resources Theory); Flexible work practices; Job Demands - Resources Model; Broaden and build theory of emotions & affective events theory; Within-person variability of emotions, attitudes and of organizational behaviour; Daily and weekly diary design studies

Research Interests

My current research focuses on three different areas, with a broader framework of individualized and differentiated HRM practices.

1. Flexible work practices: My research in this stream seeks to understand the implications of flexitime, telecommuting, reduced load work and part-time from the perspective of receivers and non-receivers. I aim to disentangle how such practices unfold in a wider team context.

2. Idiosyncratic deals: In this research stream, I focus on the dynamics of I-deal making beyond these of the focal employee. In particular, I seek to understand a) how I-deals unfold and b) the effectiveness of these deals from employee, manager and co-worker perspectives. In a related stream of research, I integrate non-work and work domains to understand the dynamics of I-deal making.

3. Job crafting: My research in this specific topic looks at job crafting from a relational perspective and seeks to explore the extent to which job crafting is optimum and beneficial in teams. Moreover, I aim to delineate the darker side of job crafting behaviours.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Bosch, M.J., Las Heras, M., Russo, M., Rofcanin, Y., and Grau, M.G.I. (2018). How context matters: The relationship between family supportive supervisor behaviors and motivation to work moderated by gender inequality. Journal of Business Research, 82: 46-55.

Las Heras, M., Rofcanin, Y., Bal, M.B., and Stollberger, J. 2017. When does flexibility i-deals relate to work performance? Exploring the role of family performance and organizational context. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Las Heras, M., van der Heijden, B., de Jong, J., and Rofcanin, Y. 2017. Handle with care: The mediating role of I-deals between supervisor caregiving responsibilities and employee outcomes. Human Resource Management Journal, 27:335–349.

Rofcanin, Y., Kiefer, T., and Strauss, K. 2017. What seals the deal? The interplay of employees’ motives and managers’ emotions. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. 90, 2013-224.

Rofcanin, Y., Las Heras, M., and Bakker, A.B. 2017. Family supportive supervisor behaviors and organizational culture: Effects on work engagement and work performance. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 22, 207-217.

Rofcanin, Y., Berber, A., Koch, S., and Sevinc, L. 2016. Job crafting and I-deals: A study testing the nomological network of proactive behaviors. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 21, 1230-1255.

Yilmaz-Borekci, D., Rofcanin, Y. and Gurbuz, H. 2015. Organizational resilience and relational dynamics in triadic networks: A multiple case analysis. International Journal of Production Research, 53: 6839-6867


Other Outputs

Findikli, M., & Rofcanin, Y. (2015). The concept of e-HRM, its evolution and effects on organizational outcomes. In C. Machado, Technological challenges and management: Matching human and business needs, (pp. to be determine). London: Psychology Press.

Rofcanin, Y., Imer, P. and Zingoni, P. (2014). Global trends in international human resources management. In Ozbilgin, M., Groutsis, D., and Harvey, W. International Human Resources Management. Cambridge Publications, London.

Berber, A. Rofcanin, Y. and Fried, Y. (2014). Cross cultural training and development for overseas assignments. In Ozbilgin, M., Groutsis, D., and Harvey, W. International Human Resources Management. Cambridge Publications, London.

Berber, A., Pekdemir, I., Rofcanin, Y. and Sen, Y. (2012). Does service innovation mirror product innovation? A multi-method study with successful evidence case from Turkey. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 12, 45-78.