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Professor Yiannis Gabriel

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Leading Refereed Journal Papers
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BSc(Eng), MSc (Imperial), DIC, PhD (Berkeley)

Job Title:

Chair in Organisation Studies
Acting Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programmes

Affiliated Research Centre:

International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM)


Strategy & Organisation

Key Research Interests:

Leader-follower relations, leader pedagogy and leadership dysfunctions - Storytelling, narrative and folklore as means of studying organizational symbolism, culture and politics - Management learning and the nature of management knowledge - Consumption and consumerism, especially in relation to material artefacts and identity and the organization-customer interface - Psychoanalysis and organizations, notably the exploration of organizational phenomena through psychoanalytic concepts and theories, including unconscious, narcissism and desire - Emotion and fantasy in organizations.

Research Interests

I have long been fascinated by stories and storytelling and have used them extensively in my organizational and social research. By eliciting, collecting, listening to and analysing stories, I have explored diverse phenomena such as leader-follower relations, experiences of job loss and unemployment, group politics, dynamics and fantasies, organizational nostalgia, insults and apologies. I am co-founder and co-ordinator of the Organizational Storytelling Seminar series, now in its ninth year. More recently, I have carried out a series of studies of leadership and management. I was part of a team engaged in a four-year field study of leadership and patient-care in the hospital sector, in which storytelling was used as a major part of the methodology. I have also recently carried out research into the experiences of unemployed managers and professionals in the current economic recession. As a committed teacher, I have written a number of textbooks, and have carried our research into the experiences of students in the classroom and have explored the nature of management and professional knowledge and its dissemination.

My current research includes work on the importance of an ethic of care in health and education, the dark side of certain organizations captured in the concept of miasma, the relation between image and narrative and the exploration of the ways in which clinicians defend themselves against work-related anxieties.

PhD Supervision

I welcome PhD applications from prospective students interested in the following areas:


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Lindebaum, D., & Gabriel, Y. 2016. Anger and Organization Studies: From Social Disorder to Moral Order. Organization Studies, 37 (7): 903-918. DOI: 10.1177/0170840616640848

Gabriel, Y. 2016. The Essay as an Endangered Species: Should We Care? Journal of Management Studies, 53(2): 244-249. DOI: 10.1111/joms.12176

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Gabriel, Y. 2009. Reconciling and Ethic of Care with Critical Management Pedagogy. Management Learning, 40(4): 379-385, DOI: 10.1177/1350507609352716.

► older publications

Gabriel, Y. & Griffiths, D. S. 2008. International Learning groups: Synergies and dysfunctions. Management Learning, 39(5): 503-518, DOI: 10.1177/1350507697282002.

Gabriel, Y. 2008. Against the tyranny of PowerPoint - Technology-in-use and technology abuse. Organization Studies, 29(2): 255-276, DOI: 10.1177/0170840607079536.

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Other Outputs

Gabriel, Y. 2015. Beyond compassion: replacing a blame culture with proper emotional support and management: Comment on “Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?” International Journal of Health Policy Management, 4(9): 617-619.

Gabriel, Y. 2015. The caring leader – What followers expect of their leaders and why? Leadership, 11(3): 316-334.

Gabriel, Y. 2015. Reflexivity and beyond – a plea for imagination in qualitative research methodology. Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal, 10(4): 332-336.

Gabriel, Y. 2013. Surprises: not just the spice of life but the source of knowledge. M@n@gement, 16(5): 719-731.

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Gabriel, Y. 2009. Legacies of tarnished revolutionaries rest in far too much peace. Times Higher Education, 24 September.

► older publications

Gabriel, Y. 2008. Oedipus in the Land of Organizational Darkness: Preliminary considerations on organizational miasma. In Kostera M. (Eds.), Organizational Epics and Sagas: Tales of Organizations: 51-65. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

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