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Dr Yvetta Simonyan

Yvetta Simonyan

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MBA (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), PhD (London Business School)

Job Title:

Senior Lecturer in Marketing


Marketing, Business and Society

Key Research Interests:

Consumer Decision Making, Branding, Marketing Communications, Charitable Giving, Marketing and Society

Research Interests

Yvetta's research focuses on how consumers' inferences about product quality are related to brand information in memory. In particular, her work explores what people think about the brands they recognize and the brands they have never seen or heard of before and whether the old saying "better the devil you know then the devil you don't" applies to brands.

The other stream of her research focuses on the factors that influence consumers' willingness to provide and receive help. How do marketing promotions change the likelihood of making a charitable donation or participating in market research? Does marketing communication affect whether or not people seek help? What factors affect people's willingness to donate to charitable causes? For example, Yvetta's recent research project involves exploring the effect of physical attractiveness versus neediness of donation recipients on donors' choice.


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Leading Refereed Journal Papers

Cryder, C., Botti, S. & Simonyan, Y. (Forthcoming) The charity beauty premium:satisfying donors' want versus should desires. Journal of Marketing Research.