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News Archive 2016

12 December: Celebrating the vision of sustainability in business

CEO of Unilever Paul Polman speaks at 50th anniversary event

8 December: Legislation alone not enough to close gender gap in boardroom

Study finds countries that invest more in family-friendly welfare policies boast more women in the boardroom

2 December: 12 European MBA Programs You Need To Know About

Two-year MBA programs in the US suffer, cheaper, one-year European MBA programs are on the rise. In Europe, MBA classes are generally smaller and more international than their US counterparts.

30 November: University embarks on pioneering partnership with EDF Energy

New research partnership will establish the Hinkley Point C Supply Chain Innovation Lab

17 November: Meet The International MBAs Triple Jumping Into Careers In Europe

For almost a decade, Ivan Muñoz worked in finance in his native Mexico, for top firms like IBM and HSBC. Determined to pursue a career in Europe, he relocated to the UK's Bath School of Management for his MBA.

11 November: How John Lewis owns Christmas external website

John Lewis' Christmas advert is highly anticipated and guaranteed to get Britain spending, say Avi Shankar and Tim Hill in this Conversation article.

3 November: School of Management strengthens links with India with launch of new scholarships

The School of Management is delighted to announce the launch of three new Indian scholarships to commemorate the University’s 50th anniversary.

2 November: From shopping to politics - why a department store boss has what it takes to be mayor external website

Former John Lewis CEO Andrew Street is switching to politics. He's got what it takes, argues Veronica Hope Hailey in this Conversation article.

1 November: Dodge the tornado - how to prepare for the unpredictable. external website

Richard Fairchild joins the discussion about `Black Swan' events and how to mitigate financial risks.

31 October: Here's How This Unique UK Business School Is Attracting New Generations Of MBAs external website

Jordanna Ber relocated thousands of miles across the Atlantic to pursue an MBA at the University of Bath School of Management.

21 October: Can buying less be good business? external website

Avi Shankar asks if Patagonia's business model is one to follow in his Conversation article

18 October: Ania Zalewska speaks at launch of public report

The Committee on Standards on Public Life recently invited Ania Zalewska to speak at the launch of the public report Striking the Balance.

17 October: 'Smart specialisation' and building links with SMEs

Over 100 SMEs in the automotive and aerospace industries think they will benefit from working with IAAPS, says Phil Tomlinson.

10 October: ICHEM peacebuilding seminar features in Times Higher external website

Universities have a role to play in Colombian peace, says university leader.

6 October: Stern review says little about how REF has affected teaching external website

Stern colludes with a state of affairs that harbours grave troubles for institutions, students, graduates and society at large, writes Yiannis Gabriel in The Conversation.

15 September: Richard Fairchild on startups and crowdfunding external website

Corporate finance expert tells Forbes magazine that equity crowdfunding comes with its problems. Read the original article external website

23 August: How advertisers seduce our subconscious external website

It's the adverts we notice least which work the most, says Robert Heath in this Conversation article.

22 August: Why a growing number of working mothers are choosing to go freelance in the corporate world external website

High fees and independence make consultancy a popular option for professionals with families, writes David Cross in The Conversation.

10 August: University selected for Tier 4 visa pilot

The Home Office have selected us for a pilot scheme giving one-year master's students the opportunity to benefit from a streamlined visa application process.

8 August: Examining the voting data behind Brazil's corporate governance reforms

Professor Ania Zalewska and Brazilian colleagues are investigating how companies voted for governance reforms.

28 July 2016: Students visit BMW Oxford Mini Plant

MSc students from the Innovation & Technology Management degree were invited to visit the BMW Oxford Mini Plant recently.

18 July 2016: Students visit McLaren Technology Centre

Students recently enjoyed a private tour of the McLaren Technology Centre.

12 July 2016: Students pitch business ideas Stateside

Business Administration students James Courtney and Harry Cobbold among students pitching ideas in Silicon Valley and New York’s tech sector.

12 July 2016: Free online course on improving health and social care provision

Sign up now for this six week course starting 5 September.

6 July 2016: National festival showcases latest trends in research

Latest innovations in research methods come under the spotlight as the University hosts ESRC’s 7th Research Methods Festival.

22 June 2016: Game theory offers a better way forward in Britain's EU drama external website

Whatever happens in the referendum, Britain will continue negotiating the terms of its relationship with Europe. Game theory might offer some insights, says Richard Fairchild in this Conversation article.

14 June 2016: How can we achieve effective management and leadership skills in the public sector?

At this IPR seminar, Veronica Hope Hailey discussed the vanished perception of the public sector as a model employer.

8 June 2016: Impact on business debated at EU referendum event

Six expert panellists dicussed a range of topics at our EU referendum event on 2 June.

6 June 2016: Top companies support MSc Practice Track project

MSc students will begin the practice track element of their degree this month. Seven companies will support the MSc Practice Track project. Students apply learned concepts and theories to practical problems and issues. In teams they analyse business challenges presented to them by one of the supporting companies. Using skills gained during their course, they have two weeks to develop solutions.

23 May 2016: How democratic is the European Union? external website

Alan Butt Philip investigates the argument that British people are represented by their national parliament than by the EU.

20 May 2016: 1st for Marketing in Complete University Guide 2017

The University of Bath School of Management is 1st for Marketing in the Complete University Guide 2017. The school also took 2nd place in the Business and Management and Accounting and Finance subject groups.

17 May 2016: New competitive landscape for higher education confirmed in white paper external website

The Government may soon allow universities that excel at teaching to raise their fees. In this Conversation article Roger King explores this competitive landscape.

17 May 2016: What can business learn from Leicester City's miracle manager? external website

The beautiful game is not a normal business, says Yiannis Gabriel in this piece for the Conversation.

12 May 2016: How to hack the hackers: the human side of cybercrime external website

Lack of attention makes it easier for scammers, says Adam Joinson in this Nature article.

5 May 2016: Prestige 'has little influence' over university Twitter networks external website

Robin Shields paper finds that universities are more likely to interact with institutions that are closer to them.

3 May 2016: Empowering higher education in South Africa

Find out how our International Centre for Higher Education Management is working with international institutions to guide policy and train higher education leaders of the future.

25 April 2016: University to establish London facility for research and executive teaching

New presence in the heart of the capital to be used for School of Management seminars and programmes.

25 April 2016: Rajani Naidoo warns of higher education's competition fetish in Worldviews Annual Lecture

Professor Rajani Naidoo recently delivered the 2016 Worldviews Annual Lecture on Media and Higher Education. Her talk at the University of Toronto warned against the fetishisation of competition in higher education.

21 April 2016: Exciting times ahead: Mike Willis on changes to the Bath MBA

The world-ranked MBA programme at Bath recently underwent a strategic review and as a result, a revised programme has been announced featuring a number of exciting changes.

19 April 2016: Lukasz Piwek interviewed on ABC Australia radio external website

Dr Lukasz Piwek appeared on 4 April edition of ABC Australia's Health Report. He discussed the benefits of using a fitness tracker compared to a smart phone (9m 52s). He also discussed fitness trackers' potential use in healthcare settings (24m 57s). Listen to the programme external website or read a full transcript external website.

12 April 2016: Student business competition winner launches company

Third year student James Courtney has won the University's student business plan competition. He will put his restaurant reward scheme app idea into practice during his placement year.

8 April 2016: Alumni founded social enterprise helping East African businesses

A social enterprise founded by Bath alumni has completed its first impact consulting projects in Nairobi. Tom Fairburn and Toby Hanington graduated with a BSc in Business Administration in 2014.

7 April 2016: Students shortlisted for Management Undergraduate of the Year

Business Administration students Emma Robinson and Adam Bevan are among ten finalists for Management Undergraduate of the Year.

24 March 2016: David Cross runner-up at the Bath 3MT Finals

PhD student David Cross was named runner-up at the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Bath Finals on 23 March.

21 March 2016: Meet our Three Minute Thesis finalist

David Cross was recently crowned Management winner of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) campus heat. He will compete for a place in the national final on Wednesday 23 March.

18 March 2016: Management students launch Interrail Planner website

Two of our undergraduates have launched a free website, Interrail Planner, to help Interrail travellers. Over 450 people have signed up since its launch in February.

17 March 2016: Excellent results for Bath in Student Experience Survey

We have ranked joint first place in the country for universities that students would recommend to their friends. Published today, the THE Student Experience Survey places Bath fifth nationwide for overall experience.

15 March 2016: Students association hosts creative directors in first official event

The School of Management Students Association (the SoMSA) hosted their first official event recently. It was titled 'Is strategy essential to creativity?' and featured presentations from leading experts in the creative industry.

08 March 2016: Avi Shankar advises new BBC One consumer show

Professor of Consumer Research Avi Shankar is part of a new BBC One show that looks at how we shop and opens our eyes to a smarter way to buy.

07 March 2016: Why do we fall for scams? external website

In this piece for the Conversation, Research Fellow Emma Williams explores the psychology of mass-market scams.

03 March 2016: CIPD Q&A: Professor Veronica Hope–Hailey on why relationships flounder without trust

People Management caught up with Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey to unpick the ‘hard’ concepts that underpin trust, and find out why many organisations are measuring engagement incorrectly.

16 February 2016: The British steel industry: beyond repair?

In Redcar, a town in the north-east of England, the community is reeling from the closure of a steelworks. More than 1,000 of the workers who were made redundant are looking for work four months later.

16 February 2016: How a softly-softly approach could make Big Tobacco turn over a new leaf

Making and selling cigarettes may not be an edifying business, but it is a very lucrative one. In 2013 the profit of the world’s top six tobacco companies was US$44.1 billion – equivalent to the combined profits of Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, General Mills, FedEx, AT&T, Google, McDonald’s and Starbucks. The problem is that this profit is made almost entirely from a product that kills many of its long-term users.

15 February 2016: IMML students to represent KMPG Luxembourg in International Case Competition

Four undergraduates have been selected to take part in the finals of the KMPG International Case Competition. They will travel to Dubai in April to compete at the International Finals.

15 February 2016: Survey - researchers committed to boosting economy through greater collaboration

A survey of over 18,000 UK academics shows that the majority are committed to helping the British economy grow by engaging with employers and wider society.

15 February 2016: Push the tobacco industry to change through economic incentives

Researchers say measures to reduce smoking would be more successful if policy makers intervened to curb the vast profitability of the tobacco industry.

10 February 2016: Pierre McDonagh, University of Bath - Electric Cars external website

The electric car has yet to hit the mainstream.

Pierre McDonagh, professor of marketing at the University of Bath, delves into the steps to get electric vehicles in more driveways.

8 February 2016: Four reasons for European businesses to hire migrants external website

Focusing on the negatives of migration is easy, but leads to underuse or exploitation, argues Florence Karaba. In this piece for the Conversation, she describes how businesses can benefit by hiring from this pool of employees.

3 February 2016: Do fitness trackers make you fitter? external website

Nearly 20 million fitness trackers were sold last year. These digital devices – which track everything from heart-rate to the number of steps you take – are sold on the promise that they will help the owner lose weight and become fitter and happier. Unfortunately, like many sports performance products, research to support their usefulness is limited.

1 February 2016: Graduate named on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List

Forbes magazine has named alumnus Felix Haffa on the inaugural 30 Under 30 Europe List.

25 January 2016: Consumers given false impression of pension fund performance

Benchmarks that measure the performance of pension funds, and fees charged to consumers by investment fund managers, require greater scrutiny, suggests new research from our School of Management.

25 January 2016: MSc students take on the Future Business Challenge 2016

MSc students from the School of Management are taking part in a week-long project designed to help them enhance their business knowledge.

21 January 2016: Apply now for PhD studentships

The University of Bath School of Management is seeking applications to its PhD Studentships by outstanding individuals who want to pursue professional academic careers

18 January 2016: Join us for Research Rocket

Join us on 3 February for a free event showcasing the University's exciting and wide-ranging research.

14 January 2016: Professor Roger King, comments on University regulation for the University World News

Visiting Professor Roger King, who led the Higher Education Commission’s work on a new regulatory landscape, questions whether the government really is offering students adequate protection.

04 January 2016: Dr Philip Cooper provides expert comment in an article on ACCA website

The case for collaboration: organisations expect a more value-added contribution from accountants at various levels of experience according to Dr Philip Cooper.