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Accommodation and living costs

Fees, funding and living costs

Students' Union can help

The Students' Union organises a house-hunting weekend in mid-August to help new postgraduates meet each other and form groups for housesharing.


The University offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets. Please visit the Accommodation pages for more information.

Cost of living

You also need to budget for your accommodation and living expenses. The student money service provides a comprehensive and confidential service to all students. They publish a wealth of information such as tips on budgeting, to advice on increasing income and guidance on where funds might be available.



Information on budgeting during your studies

For general guidelines on the cost of postgraduate study see the Postgraduate Prospectus Webpages

Rent (£88 - £180 per week according to choice and availability) based on an average en-suite room @ £108 x 52 weeks, includes utility bills, data connection and insurance. £5,616
Food (£35 per week) £1,820
Personal toiletries £204
Laundry and housekeeping £252
Clothes* £360
Travel (local and outside Bath)** £598
Leisure/sport/social time £1,560
TV Licence £146
Telephone £480
Health costs £192
Books and equipment £350
Unexpected/emergencies £100
Total £11,678

* additional money may be needed to purchase warm clothes
** the costs of returning to home country are not included