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Accommodation, fees and funding

Fees and Funding


You will need to think about the accommodation you would like during your MSc.

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Paying your tuition fees

There are several payment methods to choose from when paying your tuition fees.

The University's preferred payment method is Direct Debit. Details of the options available to you can be found on our Student Finance Office website. Some payment methods give you the option of paying in two instalments.

To complete your registration, you will need to say how you'll be paying your tuition fees.

Please contact the Student Finance Office if you have any further questions about the payment process.

Living expenses

As well as tuition fees, you should also budget for living expenses, such as accommodation, travel and food.


Offer holders often ask us about the best ways to finance their degrees. Degree funding can come from many of sources, such as:

The School of Management has a number of scholarships available to offer holders. Find out more about these scholarships.

The University of Bath International Office offers postgraduate loans . The British Council external website also offers scholarships for international students.

Our Careers Advisory Service provides information about other sources of funding.

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