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Your studies

Structure and content of courses

Reading lists

There is no recommended reading to do before you start your course.  We encourage you to keep up to date with current business news.

We will advise you of any set texts for your units during your first few weeks.

You might want to browse the resources available in the University Library. There are several bookshops in Bath and Amazon lockers on campus so you can buy books after you arrive.

You may be able to buy second hand books through the Students’ Union online bookshop external website.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Moodle is the University’s virtual learning environment (VLE). You will use it a lot during your studies.

On Moodle you will find support resources, academic support for your units and other important information. If you have not used Moodle before, you can find some helpful information on the University's website.

Academic Representatives

Academic Representatives are elected by their fellow students. They represent students on the School's Staff Student Liaison Committee  and at university level.

There are usually two representatives for each year of each course. Elections take place in the first few weeks of the semester.

Find out more about becoming an Academic Representative on the Students' Union website external website.