Department of Marketing & Communications

Visual Identity use cases

Guidance for using University Visual Identity branded assets in different situations.

University groups

The Visual Identity should be used by all groups that are entirely part of the University of Bath, including:

  • departments
  • research centres
  • professional service units
  • business units.

Organisational units that are wholly internal should not need to develop customised or subsidiary logos. Existing subsidiary logos will be phased out as quickly as possible, as existing publications, stationery, website sections, etc. are updated. Business activities covered by specific exemptions will be issued with their own guidelines.

Partnership ventures

When the University is a partner in a joint venture with another university or other partner, the University’s logo can normally be used in any publicity materials, along with that of the partner organisation.

As each case is slightly different, please consult the Imaging, Design & Print Services team for guidance on the application of the University logo for print and Digital Marketing and Communications for use on the web.

Spin-out companies

Any University enterprise that has been incorporated as a company should implement its own separate visual identity as soon as it becomes market active. University branding should not be used for this purpose.

Crediting sponsor and partner organisations

Where a University business unit is sponsored or supported by a company, another university or other external partner, the partner’s logo may be used in print and online in a subsidiary position, as described in the Visual Identity.

Use of the University logo as a subsidiary logo

When the University is a sponsor or supporter to be credited in a publication or on digital media produced by another organisation, the University logo may be used in a subsidiary position in accordance with conditions set out in the Visual Identity.

As each case is slightly different, please ask the producer of the publication to liaise with Imaging, Design & Print Services for guidance on the application of the University logo.

Organisations based at the University

Organisations based at the University that are entities in their own right, rather than part of the University, should use their own separate visual identities and logos rather than those of the University.