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Collaborators from a wide range of industry areas have been engaged including representatives from: consultancies; environmental services; investment companies; ICT; and charities.

Engagement activity:

A full-day, interactive event aimed at securing industry collaborators for a new Research Group.

Project summary

The Neuroeconomics Research Group (NRG) is an interdisciplinary group launched in 2014 with the aim of 'developing improved decision-making for the economy and for society.' The group was conceived from the outset as containing equally contributing members, researchers alongside individuals and groups sources from a wide range of areas within industry. It aims to develop tools and knowledge that are directly applicable to industry whilst remaining based on rigorous scientific practice and theory.

Project funding was used to run an engagement event (Creating NRG) attended by researchers and representatives from eight organisations. The aim of the event was to identify areas of shared interest and to inform the emerging research agenda of the group. As a direct result of the event, three projects have emerged, each involving both academic and industry members of NRG. The projects involve:

  • Enhancing social investent in Bath with the aim of Bath becoming a flagship for social investment;
  • Aiding employees in managing cultural shifts within an organisation and;
  • Creating tools to empower trustee-level decision-making within charitable organisations.

Another event will be held soon so that NRG members can develop further seeds of ideas that came about from the original event and also, to bring in new members.

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For further details on the project, including the benefits to the researchers and the publics, things they would do differently, and their top tips, see the project case study and the associated resources downloadable on the right.