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Internal funding

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The 2016 call is now closed.

The 2017 call will open in September 2017

Since 2013, the Public Engagement Unit has invested over £50,000 in a range of engaged research projects. The projects have been run by researchers at all levels, from postgraduates to professors. Case studies from projects that have now concluded have been produced.

2016 Seed Funding Call

This year, the Public Engagement Unit partnered with the Widening Participation Office and The Edge Arts to release more than £20,000 of grants for engaged research projects. Over 20 applications were received; 15 have been funded, ranging in scale from £450 to £4,500.

Seed fund projects could include activities that:

  • Develop innovative engagement with research
  • Extend previous engagements, such as to a new public group
  • Share engagement skills and learning across disciplines or faculties
  • Undertake pilots of engagement activities to evaluate what works and what doesn't for all involved

Grants were available across two tiers:

Tier 1 - Initiator Awards of up to £500

Ideal for those researchers new to, or with little experience of, public engagement with research, these awards provide a perfect opportunity to give public engagement a go, to pilot a new event or idea and / or to reach new public groups. Postgraduate researchers are also entitled to apply for these Awards as long as they do so in conjunction with a member of staff.

Tier 2 - Advanced Awards of £2000 - £5000

Targeted at those researchers who can already demonstrate substantive experience of high quality public engagement, these awards look to fund strongly collaborative, capacity building, ambitious projects aimed at a step-change in public engagement practice.

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Bath Inspires Web 2

Researchers and community members at a sandpit event

Occasional sandpit events

Occasionally, the Public Engagement Unit hosts sandpit events between researchers and community organisations with the aim of co-creating new public engagement 'platforms', generic spaces (both on- and off-line) where people can unite in research-related matters. 

The last sandpit event took place in September 2014. Three projects resulted, with each funded £3000:

  1. STEM Trails (in conjunction with Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution) - Through the BRLSI's existing outreach programme, a group of 11 - 13 year olds devised and carried out their own individual STEM research projects involving some specific locations in the city, whilst being mentored by postgraduate researchers. This project has evolved into the annual Young Researchers' Programme.
  2. Bath Matters (in conjunction with Bath & NE Somerset Council) - A creative event format that brought together a group of researchers, local government, third sector and other interested parties to address issues related to ageing. Participants thought creatively about possible solutions, providing the catalyst for the development of joint funding proposals and creating the opportunity for researchers to achieve real-world impact in a local context.
  3. Science Video Shorts (in conjunction with: Bath Film Festival; Fringe Arts Bath Festival; Royal United Hospital; Creative Bath) - An opportunity to communicate and promote university research through artistic reinterpretation of existing Ignite Bath presentations. Artists worked with researchers who had previously done an Ignite talk, using the talk as a stimulant to produce short (animated) films.

Case studies for each project are available.