Public Engagement

Public Engagement Awards

Applications for the 2017 Awards have now closed.

The next round of applications will open in February 2018

The University's Public Engagement Awards recognise the important role played by those who undertake excellent public engagement with their research, increasing the non-academic impact of their research, improving their own skills and leading by example.

Each year, six finalists for the Awards perform at the Engage: Public Engagement in Practice event, an event that also sees winners announced for the Images of Research competition.

Awards are presented to both staff and postgraduate researchers, with the Staff Award featuring in the Summer Graduation Ceremony.  For the Staff Award, there is no assumption that candidates will be in a senior, supervisory or managerial position.

There are two public engagement with research awards:

1) Vice-Chancellor's Award for Public Engagement with Research 

Consists of £750 salary payment and £1500 professional development budget.

2) Vice-Chancellor's Postgraduate Prize for Public Engagement with Research

Consists of £500 direct payment. 

Engage: Public Engagement in Practice 2017

At the 2017 Engage event we celebrated some of the best engaged researchers from across the University and previewed our Images of Research competition.

The 2017 finalists were:

Vice-Chancellor's Award for Public Engagement with Research 
Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Public Engagement with Research
  • Daniela De Angeli (Department of Computer Science)
  • Emma Sackville (Department of Chemistry)
  • Rob Wortham (Department of Computer Science)

2016 Award Winners

Six finalists (for the Postgraduate Prize: Ammar Azzouz (Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering); Ioannis Costas Batlle (Department of Education); Jemma Rowlandson (Department of Chemical Engineering) and for the Staff Award: Dr Karen Evans-Reeves & Andy Rowell (Department for Health); Dr John Troyer (Department of Social & Policy Sciences; Dr Kit Yates (Department of Mathematical Sciences)) presented at the Engage: Public Engagement in Practice event in The Edge on Wednesday 11 May.

The judges (Professor Jonathan Knight (Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)); Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey (Dean, School of Management); Dominic McDonald (Outreach Manager, Royal Society of Chemistry); and Dr Sarah Bailey (2015 Staff Award winner)) announced the following winners:

Staff Award: Dr Kit Yates, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Kit is a researcher from the Centre for Mathematical Biology whose research interests are mathematical modelling and the analysis of biological systems. Throughout his engagement activities Kit makes direct links between the concepts he is presenting and cutting-edge research being undertaken in his field (including his own research on locust migration, bacterial colony formation and biological pattern formation).

Kit began engaging with the public early in his career as a senior member of Professor Marcus Du Sautoy's Mathemagicians group at the University of Oxford. Since then, he has engaged the public through a wide range of media, from writing articles in the Times and The Conversation, to featuring as an expert in a number of podcasts, radio programmes and on the BBC’s flagship science programme Bang Goes The Theory.

In addition, Kit is a Director and Trustee of the charity MathsWorldUK, was selected to present his research at the Houses of Parliament's SET for Britain competition, and has recently assumed the role of  widening participation, outreach and engagement officer for the Department of Mathematical Sciences where he has created an on-line repository for Mathematical engagement activities.

On winning the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Public Engagement with Research, Kit said:

"I’m delighted to have won the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement with Research. Like many researchers involved with engagement, I engaged because I think justifying and sharing my work is an important part of my job. It’s great that the University also recognises this and has seen fit to reward its engaged researchers, especially researchers like me in mathematics which is often pigeon-holed as a dry and unengaging subject. I will ensure the award is put to good use within the Department to encourage innovative engagement activities."

Watch Kit's presentation

Engage Winner: Dr Kit Yates from University of Bath on Vimeo.

Postgraduate Prize: Jemma Rowlandson, Department of Chemical Engineering

The Postgraduate Prize was won by Jemma Rowlandson from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies and Department of Chemical Engineering. Throughout the course of her PhD Jemma has been active in finding new ways to share her work with the public. Earlier this year she won the University’s Three Minute Thesis competition for postgraduates and will now go through to the national finals.

In addition, Jemma has taken part in I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here where she focused on how the materials she develops could be used in hydrogen storage and could reduce the impact of global warming. She has also led school workshops with the Women in Engineering Society and has participated in Science Showoff

On winning the Postgraduate Prize for Public Engagement with Research, Jemma commented:

“It is an honour to receive this award. I believe communicating your work through public engagement is both a really important part of research, and vital to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future. To have the work I have done in this area recognised by the University is absolutely fantastic, it shows they appreciate the value and potential of public engagement."

Watch Jemma's presentation

Engage Winner: Jemma Rowlandson from University of Bath on Vimeo.

Past Award Winners

2015 Staff Award: Dr Sarah Bailey, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

2015 Postgraduate Prize: Jon Chouler, Department of Chemical Engineering

2014 Staff Award: Dr Paul Shepherd, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

2014 Postgraduate Prize: Lisa Sargeant, Department of Chemical Engineering