Department of Marketing & Communications

Business Insight

We undertake specialist market research and analysis. This informs the development of new programmes of study and the University's marketing, communications and engagement activities. We deliver services including:

  • planning, designing, and implementing both quantitative and qualitative surveys
  • analysis and reporting of internal and external survey results
  • desk research for qualitative market analysis
  • analysis and custom reporting on web analytics.

Programmes of study

Our work can support the optimisation of existing programmes of study and the development and implementation of new ones. We can provide insight to help identify market opportunities and subject areas that applicants and employers are looking for.

Applicant benchmark data

We work with departments to provide insight to help with the optimisation of applicant communication and recruitment.


If you are thinking of running a survey with our students, we can provide you with insight on previous surveys, best practice and the types of results you can expect.


Direct all questions about Business Insight to Takashi Yonenaga.