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BICS Workshop:
Multi-resolution and High Oscillation
for Evolutionary Problems:
Blow-up & Hamiltonian Systems
University of Bath, 11-12 June 2007


As part of the Isaac Newton Institute six month programme on numerical methods for highly oscillatory problems, we shall be holding a short satellite meeting which will focus on the evolutionary problems related to multi-resolution and high oscillation. In particular we will look at problems in blow-up, oscillatory Hamiltonian systems and nonlinear optics.


  • Uri Ascher, University of British Colombia
  • Folkmar Bornemann, Munich
  • Chris Budd, University of Bath
  • Ray Fernandes, University of Bath
  • Victor Galaktionov, University of Bath
  • Ernst Hairer, University of Geneva
  • Nick Hale, Oxford University Computing Laboratory
  • David Lloyd, University of Surrey
  • Gabriel Lord, Heriot-Watt
  • Robert McLachlan, Massey University
  • Mark Peletier, Eindhoven
  • Reinout Quispel, La Trobe University
  • Vivi Rottschäfer, University of Leiden
  • Dmitry Skryabin, University of Bath