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BICS Summer School:
Modelling Across the Scales
University of Bath, 26-30 June 2006

The Summer School is funded by the EPSRC, who are also funding a complementary summer school organised by the nearby University of Bristol between 3rd - 7th July entitled "Complex networks: analysis, control and applications".

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Multi-scale structure is a key component of many (if not all) complex systems where phenomena at one scale can produce unexpected results at another. The emphasis of the summer school will mainly be on training in mathematical techniques, particularly differential equation, but this will be put firmly in the context of applications.

Course Details

The course will have a core component of instructional courses in both the theory and the application of multi-scale methods to complex problems, and a supplementary content of leading edge research talks.

A: Modelling and analysis of multiple scale problems (Dr. J. Zimmer)
B: Modelling and simulation of Microstructure Evolution (Prof. C. Carstensen)
C: Multi-scale analysis and stochastic differential equations (Prof. R. Kuske)
D: Multi-scale behaviour in the geo-sciences (Prof. H. Muhlhaus)

Proposed Audience

Young researchers at the Ph.D. or postdoctoral stage in their careers. Researchers who have done a degree with a high mathematical content but are not necessarily mathematicians (physics, engineering, geosciences and environmental modelling).

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